Monday, March 8, 2010

Writing Groups

The Indiana ACFW chapter held a fabulous meeting this weekend in Indianapolis. I love to take advantage of every opportunity to meet with other writers. For me, writing groups meet the following needs:

God created us to crave community with one another. Writers think differently. We need to meet with other writers who “get us” to fill a void in our lives.

In case you haven’t figured it out yet: writing a not an easy endeavor. We need to meet with other writers who have traveled the journey and can inspire us when the road gets rough.

Writing is a craft. We need to study the craft to improve our writing. Iron sharpens iron. We need to meet with other writers who can answer questions, offer suggestions, and explain techniques to improve our writing.

Writing takes discipline. There is no working supervisor or middle manager to require us to do the work. Corporate America has spent billions of dollars building accountability into their business models. They recognize the importance of accountability. We need to do the same. We need writing partners who will hold us accountable to do the work needed to make our writing dreams come true.

Do you participate in a writing group or have writing buddies? What benefits have you discovered?


  1. YES, Lisa, right on, for sure! And those are all the reasons I was so sorry to miss Sat's gathering. But I'm enjoying the "rippling waves" from some of you who attended. What you said about writing groups applies to writing workshops and conferences too. I can't wait for my re-charge at one or two of those this year -- the ACFW one in Indianapolis for sure. . . Thanks for your super post! :-)

  2. PS -- Four of my Chesterton writing pals and I gathered for lunch and reads here in my home last Fri for four hours. SO WRITING ENERGIZING. . . :-)

  3. That is fabulous Millie! I've been meeting with a group of fellow Taylor writing alums once a month in Fort Wayne. Wow. They are some talented writers. Never fails to inspire and challenge me.

  4. I have an on-line critique group, but nothing takes the place of rubbing shoulders and ideas with other writers in person. So great to see everybody and hear such good speakers last Saturday!