Friday, August 5, 2011


My granddaughter, Maggie Ellen Faith Akins

It took longer than nine months, but my baby is due any day now!

If you're a writer you know I'm referring to a new book release. (As far as I know, angels haven't stopped by to inform my husband of an impending birth. If that happens, unlike Sara, this 50-year-old granny won't laugh. She'll pass out.)

I'm terribly excited about my new baby, er, book and I want to remember this feeling because I think the emotions might be very similar to the first time you deliver a human baby--nothing compares with the awe and wonder of it. I can hardly wait to hold it in my hands and count its fingers and toes, er, its pages. 

I've been published in compilations and magazines, but this is my first true blue book with my name on the front cover. Excuse me while I gush. It's embarrassing, I know, for those of you with million-dollar contracts, to observe my shameless blush of success. But for this girl who dreamed of being a writer from the time she could read, it's rapturous living on that giddy cloud of nine.

My book, O Canada! Her Story: Historical Narratives and Biographies that tell Her Story, is due out sometime this month. It's written for middle grades and the target audience is homeschoolers. But much like a Pringles potato chip, releasing a book is addictive. I'm eager to get to the next one. 

My new website is ready and I've started a mailing list for those interested in writing and history. Writing this book clarified something for me: while I enjoy writing humorous-contemporary fiction, I'm passionate about creating historical faction. That is, stories based on real events and people in history. 

I still write my columns at Examiner  and Mother Nature Network. I recommend column writing for anyone because it teaches you to write succinctly and to "just get 'er done." It does this for me, anyway. If you're not yet published, I encourage you to build your writing resume this way.

I think all projects take you to a new level of skill, or a new perspective of what it is God wants to say through you. One thing I've learned so far in this writing journey is that you've got to write a whole lot of twaddle before you get to the good stuff. So keep writing. Even when you don't feel like it, put your backside in the chair and write. (This is why writing columns is helpful. You've got to write something every day.)

What has God revealed through your writing experiences lately?  In what ways have you grown? I'd love to know. Write on!

Karla Akins is a pastor's wife, mother of five, and grandma to five beautiful little girls. She lives in North Manchester with her husband, twin teenage boys with autism, and three crazy dogs. Her favorite color is purple, favorite hobby is shoes, and favorite  food group is cupcakes.


  1. Congratulations on the impending delivery, Karla. Instead of counting fingers and toes, you get to make sure all the pages are there, make sure they spelled your name right, and all those fun things. Of course, you'll want to thank the Lord repeatedly for bringing your dream to fruition!

  2. Oh, Rick, YES! Most definitely the Lord gets the credit for this book. He's right there at the top of my acknowledgement page! :-)

  3. Thanks, Darren! You're always encouraging. I appreciate all you do for our Hoosier blog!

  4. Joy! I love that you have Canadian inside of you. ;-) Who is your favorite Canadian person in history?

  5. Congratulations, Karla! I know how much love, sweat and tears you put into this book. Well done! And well said. You are such an encouragement! Praying for that next Pringle for you!!


  6. Yeah, it looks awesome, Karla. How exciting. Be sure we know the exact day so we can all fly over and download. Yeah!

  7. Thanks, Camille and Linda, for being the best crit buds in the biz!

  8. CONGRATS! The Canadian in me is excited about this book!

    So happy for you!