Posting Schedule

Monthly Rotation Schedule (as of 2019)

1st Monday: OPEN
1st Tuesday: Cara Putman
1st Wednesday: Darren Kehrer
1st Thursday: OPEN
1st Friday: OPEN
1st Saturday: Joe Allison
1st Sunday: OPEN
2nd Monday: OPEN
2nd Tuesday: Beth Steury
2nd Wednesday: OPEN
2nd Thursday: OPEN
2nd Friday: OPEN
2nd Saturday: Jean Bloom
2nd Sunday: OPEN
3rd Monday: OPEN
3rd Tuesday:Linda Sammaritan
3rd Wednesday: OPEN
3rd Thursday: OPEN
3rd Friday: OPEN
3rd Saturday: Jennifer Filka
3rd Sunday: OPEN
4th Monday: OPEN
4th Tuesday:  OPEN
4th Wednesday: Abbey Downey
4th Thursday:OPEN
4th Friday:OPEN
4th Saturday:OPEN
4th Sunday: OPEN

When there is a "5th" Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday each month, you can contact Linda Samaritoni and ask to fill that "extra" slot.

Any member (full or associate) of the Indiana ACFW can join the monthly rotation schedule. 
    Guidelines to remember:
      1.) Your posts should have something to do about the topic of writing.  Try to shoot for at least 400 words. You can go more or less, but 400 is a solid average.
      2.) Set your posting time for 6:00 AM.
      3.) Label your post with your name under labels as well as in the title of the post. 
      4.) When posting pics in your blog post, remember copyright issues**Don't use a photograph without copyright permission unless you own the copyright or know for certain that the photo is in the public domain. You can reference this link