Saturday, March 6, 2010

Is It Time to De-Stress?

In the past month, responsibilities layered one on top of the other until I found myself barely surviving. At the end of each day, my biggest challenge was keeping my eyes open long enough to watch an hour of the Winter Olympics. Forget about meeting my writing goals.

I didn't step away completely, but I did learn that certain times in life require me to say "No", so that I can say "Yes" to my most important priorities. For me, that meant saying "No" to attending every Mom's group and blogging at a frenetic pace, so I could say "Yes" to my physical well-being, my family, and my writing goals (which have adjusted as a result of my down time).

I recently did a Google search on de-stressing, and I found a site called "100 Ways to Reduce Stress". Take the time to read it. You'll feel yourself de-stressing just looking through the list. And since writing is still a high priority for me, I think doing many of these activities will serve to make me a better writer in the process.

Where is your stress level these days? What can you cut out or add to your life to make you a more effective writer?


  1. It would be nice to have the link. Could you post it here in the comments section?

  2. Oops you did have a link. How about going back and making those words a different color to indicate they might be a link? Just a suggestion.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, Sharon! I went in and fixed the link so it stands out more. :-)

  4. Sarah, True words. Stress never bothers me, because I'm too busy for stress. :-) I've decided I'll need to live to be at least 105 just to get the important things done in my life.