Wednesday, February 28, 2024

My Writing Compass: A Bookmarked Reminder (by Darren Kehrer)

I write fiction. Specifically, I write Christian Science Fiction (or some variation of that genre).  Blending science and Christianity can be very challenging.

How far is too far?

How much science is too much science?

How little science is too little of science?

Where does the line cross? Is there a gray area?

In my POV, the Lord gave us science to help appreciate His creation through understanding the wonder and complexity of it all. I’ve noticed, however, that sometimes science and religion/faith can seem to be on opposite sides of the coin.  I prefer to turn the coin sideways to see how they both “fit” and “blend” together. One side of the coin cannot exist without the other.

In my writing, I always try to ensure that I’m not crossing into a gray area that could be seen as “writing over the line” or drifting into “dangerous territory.”  To remind me of my responsibility as a Christian writer, I keep an ACFW bookmark in my Bible to ensure that everything I write and imagine be acceptable in the sight of the Lord. It’s through this lens that everything I write must be filtered…even if speculatively.

The universe is vast with endless wonder and possibilities. I’m blessed that the Lord has given me this gift, but with great imaginative power comes great Biblical responsibility.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Tara Grace Ericson to Add Tips and Tricks to our Indie Publishing Toolbox on March 2nd

by Rebecca Reed

 Do you publish your work independently? If so, you understand how many hats you must wear. As technology grows and changes, so do your responsibilities. Even if you're traditionally published or as yet unpublished, you're bound to be aware of the growing burden on the author when it comes to marketing our own work.

Maybe this burden has daunted you into waiting, holding back finished work from the public eye, because you're too fearful you won't be able to handle the load or the strain. What happens when you miss something, or make a wrong choice?

Fear is what keeps us from reaching our full potential as authors. Fear our words won't resonate with readers. Fear our work will be judged inferior. Fear those closest to us will see us as a failure, or worse, we'll see ourselves as less than.

Tara Grace Ericson left her corporate job to become a full-time writer, and she chose to independently publish her work. She's going to clue us in to her struggles and the tools she used to overcome them. Then share those tools with each member. Will the things she shares completely eliminate the daunting process? Likely not entirely. But when we all gain knowledge, it will make us better equipped to help each other when we have questions or have forgotten that one step we've forgotten.

That's what this chapter is all about. Helping one another. That's why we have Hoosier Hangout chats once a month. To give every member a forum to ask the questions and get answers that will move them forward in their particular writing journey.

Having contacts and connections who've been there and done that is a big part of moving forward with confidence. Each person we meet who's ahead of us on the path, is another source of wisdom for navigating our own route. We can call on the speakers as needed. The greatest thing about Christian publishing is the idea that there's enough room for everyone. We don't have the pyramid mentality where we feel the need to shove others off the mountain to make room for ourselves as is so often the case in the secular world. Rather, we let down a rope and offer to aid others in the climb.

Please make plans to be on Zoom from 9-11 am eastern time on Saturday, March 2nd to hear what Tara Grace Ericson has to share with us. I'm looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces and learning with you.

Here's Tara's bio:

A recovering engineer, Tara Grace Ericson publishes Christian romance and romantic suspense, with nearly twenty five titles published as of 2024. Her non-fiction titles and author resources are published under Tara G. Ericson. She was a Carol award finalist in 2022 and is Qualified Independently published according to ACFW.

About the author:

Rebecca Reed loves adventure. From riding race horses to sampling the world's ice cream flavors to writing tales of identity and purpose, she sees obstacles as challenges. A lover of Jesus, animals, and all things Scottish, you might find her coaching track, teaching languages, or listening to audiobooks on her rural Indiana farm. Her debut novel will be published as part of a two volume anthology in May 2024.

Connect with Rebecca on her website: and sign up for her newsletter where she shares her worlds with readers and fellow writers. Follow her on social media via her and subscribe to the podcast and YouTube Channels she co-hosts with the amazing Rebecca Yauger at for a little R&R where we review books and chat with authors.