Sunday, March 14, 2010

Marketing in K-Mart Terms Volume 3

Marketing in K-Mart Terms Vol 3

Added Panache!

Call it panache or press kit/media kit, it’s that special added touch to say you’re special. It’s also called a tool to enhance marketing. The word Tiff Coulter loves and most of us hate!

While some publishers put together on line press/media kits for authors, hard copies you put together aren’t given out indiscriminately. Their best use is when wooing broadcast media, but may include the following:

  • A pitch or cover letter (heard this gig before haven’t we?).

Make it as creative as possible, but make it zing for your targeted media.

Short and personalized with a hook.

  • Power Bio

Always include, but humanize while spicing with tidbits. People enjoy reading about people. What outrageous claims can you make?

  • Photos

It’s money well invested in a current professional photo. Buy or make several copies.

  • Clips

Whatever makes you shine! If you have none, don’t collapse. You will.

  • Factorials

Title, author, publisher, number pages, size, ISBN #, published date, binding, price.

In addition to the above, you may also include the following, which help you understand why you’re selective in whom you give a press/media kit.

  • Brochures or other promotional materials

If it’s relevant. May include book marks, brochures. Certainly a business card.

  • Q & A sheet

Used more when seeking an interview.

  • Reviews

Autographing these provides a unique touch.

  • Excerpts from the book
  • Reply card

Allows editor to request copy. Sidebar: my daughter’s publisher provided an electronic link whereby on-line promotional viewing of book was possible. Ask. Saves trips to the mailbox, but doesn’t allow ‘hands on.’

  • Your ‘sealer or envelope’ is important

A laser printed envelope eliminates labels. If you use a folder for your press/media kit, make it relate visually to your book.

Have any and all press/media kit info ready for your publisher to enhance your

marketing for any kit they may put together.

Jude Urbanski

PS- My last blog mentioned that an influencer could register a book and then follow it’s journey. Go to to find out how.

PPS- I’ve just read the last several blogs and my vote is that we have great bloggers!!


  1. Great reminders, Jude! As much as I abhor the M word, I know it needs to be done, and done well.

  2. This is scary territory for most writers and you really covered the bases. Thanks so much! Great stuff!