Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thinking of giving up the dream? Consider this…

I have a dream…sounds poetic doesn’t it? But seriously, most of us, or at the least many of you reading this blog, dream of publication. Ultimately, we have hopes and dreams of someday seeing our work in printed form. Some just want fame. Some want the added income the royalty checks bring in. Some want to be able to walk into their local library and see their books on the shelf.

Whatever reason you have for wanting it, it’s important to you. It’s significant and the dream is worth having. But what you might not realize is how important it is to those around you. Specifically your children.

I was at the state meeting we had a few weeks ago talking to a couple of new friends and we were talking about motivation and how we struggle to find time to write and to really keep fighting for our dream of publication. I told one of the girls that I’d recently realized I have to keep pursuing this elusive dream because what would happen to my little boy if he watched his mom want something so much and then just give up. He’d think it’s okay to let go of his dreams. I can’t be that mom. I can’t be that example. I have a dream and as long as I am able to pursue it, I will! What about you? Are you ready to quit putting your dreams on the back burner and start fighting for what you want?


  1. Hear, hear, Sabrina! I forget that my children, though adults, still watch how I respond to the challenges of my dream. And now, four little grandkids also monitor me with bright, curious eyes. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. DITTO to Rachel, and to you, Sabrina! I also note that dreams can come true in sometimes unexpected and surprising ways. . . :-)

  3. Thanks girls. You know we often hear, maybe this isn't your time. Or maybe take some time off. I'm not saying those aren't sometimes true, but I still think persistence and dedication teaches our children. Look at our own Ramona. If she'd have given up we'd have missed seeing how proud her daughter was of her.

    Now I'm not saying we should do it just for our kids, but I think it doesn't hurt to be a good example and it's helped to motivate me. :)

  4. I remember my mom starting her art business on the kitchen table, then starting college at age 47. She probably doesn't even realize anyone notice. I hope I'm a good example.

  5. As I put on my bookmarks that I gave out to the young writers I spoke to, "An Author...Never, never gives up!" LOL. Good stuff, Sabrina!

    We have series of decisions to make in writing, and first we set goals and find the path God has for us. He listens to His children's dreams--even if that child is a mom! (or Grandmomma. :) )

  6. Wow! That is so true. Thank you for posting another reason to never give up!