Saturday, November 27, 2010

Strange Days Indeed

Did you know in Switzerland the official Egg Races are held on Easter Monday, where residents race to carry large numbers of eggs to neighboring communities?

We all love to celebrate Save Your Vision week each March. I am personally ever grateful for the Presidential Proclamation that ensures this continuing tradition since 1964.

Perhaps one of your characters is a big fan of Jimi Hendrix? They would naturally be drawn to today's celebration of his birth in 1942.

If you have a character that wears a blue collar to work in Indy, would you know to place his residence in the the Thirty Eighth Street corridor?

Sometimes the details of life are hard to place for fiction, and our readers are sure to catch any inconsistencies of our story. There are some fun and wacky resources that are affordable volumes to decorate your shelves. Put them on your Christmas wish list.

Who knows when it will be imperative to know exactly when Take Your Houseplants for a Walk Day is?

Chase's Calendar of Events
Writer's Guide to Places by Don Pures & Jack Heffron
On This Date... compiled by Sandy Whiteley

When writing feels like another item on your to do list, have some fun and flip to a random page. Create a scene that you would normally press the delete button immediately. A new character might wiggle into your running storyline that you haven't met yet...

"When will this end?" she muttered pushing past Ernest into the crowded hallway. She stretched her legs over bags filled with the yearly necessities: cymbals, wigs, tattered grass skirts and a worn paper mache' donkey. Even though the Gong Show ended decades ago, he wasn't about to miss the annual Gong competition. The perpetual booing didn't seem to phase him. This year was going to be the...

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  1. I love the quirky mix on this blog. My brother is a Swiss citizen (and has been for a couple of decades) and has never told me a word about Egg Day.