Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What To Do If You're Not Going to Conference

It is a fact that not every Hoosier member of ACFW will attend the conference this year. Rather than passing the box of tissues around to blot our tearful faces, here are six things that can be done to participate at home.

  1. Pray for those who are attending conference.
  2. Pay for those who are attending conference. You may not be able to go, but if you have even a little why not invest in another person's career? There’s an ACFW fund for scholarships, but just gifting $10 to a friend who is going can buy a meal, chip in for gas, or purchase a book.
  3. Participate in the unofficial ACFW on-line conferences Sept 22-25. I'll be presenting on realistic dialogue.
  4. Patronize the conference blogs, posts, and photos to follow the fun. Don’t forget to check out Afictionado for the conference report. Remember CDs will be made available of the conference classes.
  5. Pre-plan for next year
  6. Party-up! If you are not at conference than make the most of where you are at.

1 comment:

  1. Great list. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm one not going to the conference. The reason? My wife and I go to a prayer conference in Georgia every year. And no, they're not the same day, but I'd have to drive straight from St. Louis to north-east Georgia in one day. (My conference starts a week from Monday, the day after the ACFW conference ends.)

    I'll be praying for you all.