Friday, August 10, 2012

Business Cards

Before I share a bit about business cards, I must share I could hardly find this blog composing spot. How "things have changed" during the time I took several months off to move and travel! For me, this has already been a year of too much change. . . anyone else feel that way?!

One of the MANY changes for me is my business card (name card or calling card). Because I changed addresses and phone numbers, hundreds of my pricey color and glossy cards are now extinct. So these days I'm using a temporary cheapy card as I decide the appearance of my next business card. This is what the front side of my temporary card looks like. The back is blank. (Click on it to see it better.)

Since a new business card is on my mind these days (now and then), that's what I'm blogging about, hoping some of you who read this will have some great suggestions for me and others to use from your own experiences. Also, it's an important topic I don't think we've discussed here yet.

From decades of using cards, I have these random observations:
  • Glossy fronts are great, but not glossy backs. They're nearly impossible to write on.
  • Books covers make great fronts. They stir up interest and discussion with potential readers.
  • Some type fonts and sizes are difficult to read, like my current temporary card above.
  • Until now, I've had one card per book (so I could show the covers). But now I want to put all my books on one card. So I'm wondering: what's the best way to do that? Maybe like my temporary card? Or maybe a folded card? Or maybe a bookmark card? If anyone has experiences with the last two, I hope you'll comment.
  • So I no longer have to ditch heaps of cards when my contact info changes, I think I'll only include my website and website e-mail address on the card. It's easy to change phone numbers and mailing addresses on websites. Not so on cards. I have before crossed out and written over, but I know that's tacky (although economical)!
In a month or two, I should have my new business card ready to post, along with suggestions why having a card is important.

Until then, warm summer and rain blessings,
Millie Samuelson
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  1. I'm getting some excellent business card suggestions on Facebook. If you're not my friend there, how about friending me and checking out those suggestions. . .
    My FB name: Millie Nelson Samuelson :-)

  2. Hello, Millie~

    What an interesting topic! Thank you! I think it's a good idea to have different cards for different purposes. I do that as a storyteller. I have my general card for Sharon Kirk Clifton, Writer and Raconteur, but I have another that's suited to my historical shows. A third shows me in the garb of "Jack's Mama," my Appalachian mountain woman persona for those beloved tales. I'm getting ready to develop a fourth especially for "Stories of Faith and Family," which includes Biblical accounts.

    It's important to keep text as brief as possible, also for readability's sake. And, yes, the font is very important.

    I use VistaPrint for my cards, and I look for their sales, which are frequent.

    A rule we storytellers have is this: Never give away A business; always hand out two or three and encourage the person to give them to others.

    As for contact info, I only include my email and blog addresses. That way, I maintain some privacy and they have two ways to contact me.

    That's my nickel's worth. Write on!

    Because of Christ,

    1. WOW, Sharon, THANKS for all the great tips you've shared here! If it's okay with you, I'd like to use some of them when I next blog about business cards -- crediting you, of course. I hope LOTS of HI followers and my FB friends benefit from your comments today. Weekend blessings. . . :-)

  3. awesome tips. I have been through 2 designs in the past couple of years.

  4. Very good things to think on. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Your idea is also nice. But every card has his own quality and features. The Plastic business cards have different kinds and everyone is using for different purpose.

  6. Good post. Reminds me I have to revamp my cards - before tomorrow night's book signing.

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