Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Reality Check

A week ago I had the privilege of chatting on the phone with a good friend in our Indiana chapter about my writing and where I want to go with it. She had a lot of good advice and gave me a pep talk. Some of you have agents and your agent will do this, but if you don't have an agent, do you have someone who can get you back into the game? Someone who shrinks your head and gets you back on course? My friend cares about me and prays for me. I'm blessed. And I pray for her and hope I can give her a boost in her writing.

After our talk I tried to come up with some questions to direct my writing goals and the next manuscript. I'm thinking about my mission statement, too.  I'm still working through the questions, but maybe some of them will help you in your own reality check (if you're at this place and not in the middle of a current WIP.) I try to write down a stream of questions to guide my thinking as I move on to my next project.

1. What do you do if you're not writing? What are you thinking about? 
2. What are your favorite stories? What drives you crazy in some stories?
3. Coke or Pepsi? Coffee or tea? Do M & Ms leave a mess on the keyboard?
4. Coffee shop or home in a closet? Where are my index cards?
5. If I were a color...if I were a tree...wait! That's not important. Really. Next. Question.
6. Here is your $25,000.00 advance. What do you spend it on??
7. What book do you wish you had written? Why haven't you?
8. Favorite author? Why? What do you like about that author's stories?
9. You've just been contacted for a reality show. What will they call your show?
10. Why are you still here? Shouldn't you be writing???????

~ Crystal Laine Miller 


  1. Fun post!

    I have orange Cheeto stuff in my!

  2. I've got to say, you've brought up some questions I've never asked myself.

    What drives me crazy is that my all time favorite author would probably not have as much success in today's writing arena. Reading Rosamunde Pilcher is like wading into water slowly, once you get there it's fine and you really don't want to come out.