Monday, October 1, 2012

The Writing Cave

Chevy in my writing chair

Writing caves. We all have one. Some are fancier than others. Certainly many are neater than mine.

Inspired by Coleen Coble's "nest," I'm posting my writing chair (above). Nothing fancy. Just a chair, laptop, and a shelf full of books I use for research. And yes, sometimes that big dog sits next to me while I type (and my other two pooches as well).

Jake (left) and Frankie (right)
I also have an office, but I mainly use that for when I need to be hooked to the printer or my writing chair is surrounded by too much noise. Usually I can work with noise (I have a scary ability to tune out anything), but sometimes if I'm pushing a deadline, the noise bothers me.

My writing chair is my favorite place to write because it's comfy, but sometimes it's too comfy and I have to move to the office so I don't fall asleep.

And if I'm really pushing against a deadline and the house is just too much, I'll go to the library or somewhere on earth with wi-fi. (I have to write connected to the Internet -- Google is my research buddy.)

I had planned on showing you my office, but life happened, and as I type this, I have a toothache the size of Texas. (I'm hoping I'm making some sense through pain pill brain fog.) And right now, my office isn't presentable. I have an assortment of boxes full of Christmas presents tucked in there right now. (Yes, Christmas. Can you believe it's that time again?)

My choice of music for writing depends on the genre I'm writing at the time. I'm in the middle of a southern historical so I pull up Pandora and listen to bluegrass or Brother Where Art Thou type songs. If I'm working on my nonfiction projects, I will listen to classical. Romance? Josh Groban and Andrea Boccelli. And of course, I fill most of my listening time with praise and worship songs.

But there are those delicious moments when I don't listen to anything at all, and I am in complete harmony with my inner self and the world around me goes away. You know what I mean, don't you? When you write for hours and you look up surprised to find yourself in your writing chair instead of 1832? I love that.

Where is your favorite spot to write? Do you stay in your office or do you have a favorite chair? Where do you find you are most productive? At home? Library? I'm always looking for new locations for inspiration! What about music or TV? What do you listen to when you write? Share your ideas!

 Karla Akins is a pastor's wife, mother of five, grandma to five beautiful little girls and author of the best-selling Jacques Cartier (that went #1 on Amazon in its category) and O Canada! Her Story.  One of her columns on was featured on the CNN homepage. Represented by Hartline Literary Agency, she lives in North Manchester with her husband, twin teenage boys with autism, mother-in-law with Alzheimer's and three rambunctious dogs. When she's not writing she dreams of riding her motorcycle through the Smoky Mountains.


  1. Karla,

    Actually, my writing cave is also my wife's and my office, right next to our dining table and TV viewing station. We have one computer and a laptop, but I do most of my writing on the main one.

    When I'm doing character sheets or structuring, that's more nomadic. I've done them at my favorite coffee house. I've done them in the car waiting to pick up my wife. I'm doing my current structuring at work in a breakroom that has CNN blaring 24 & 7.

    While at home, I may or may not have music on. The style varies. Usually though it's either contemporary Christian or classical. Not rap music. I believe rap music is most suited to listen to when you're putting the paper on the outside of your Christmas presents. Okay, maybe not one of my better attempts at humor.


    1. LOL, Jeff. I never thought about wrapping gifts to rap music. I'm going to have to give that homonym-i-ous method a try!

      I agree that character development/plot outlining, etc. is something that is fun to do elsewhere. I like being out watching people, too. You get some great ideas that way!

  2. Too CUTE!!!
    Wish my "writing cave" was in Hawaii! : )
    Aloha! --Cheryl

    1. I wish mine was, too! LOL. Thanks for reading and posting!

  3. IMPRESSIVE, Karla! Especially the bit about writing with a toothache -- I could NEVER do that. . .

    1. Oh, Millie, it wasn't easy. Got that nasty tooth pulled today. I'd already had tons of money invested and they wanted to do $2000 more -- I said, no way -- PULL IT! :-) Thanks for reading and posting!

  4. Love your writing buds--especially the big one. =]

    My office is the corner of the living room where I can see into the kitchen and dining room too. My command center. =] Music? Mozart or Vivaldi and I could miss the world collapsing around me, not to mention the constant kid commotion. But silence is beautiful.

    If I had a chair like yours I might never get out of it. LoL. It looks so very comfy! Hope your mouth is feeling better!

  5. Thanks for reading and posting, Patty! Yes, my chair is a little TOO comfy sometimes. I admit it! Thank goodness for life's responsibilities or I would become a permanent fixture there. My mouth? I had an awful day of it yesterday but God is good and I'm getting better. Thanks for the good wishes! Write on!