Friday, July 12, 2013

Dad's Missionary Memoir: My Surprise Book

Hey everyone, yours truly has a new SURPRISE LITTLE BOOK!

A few weeks ago, I decided to use my dad's unfinished memoir as the epilog for my WIP. Jade Cross: A Stone Ten Novel is the third book in my China/Taiwan trilogy, stories inspired by my family's experiences there for more than a century.

As I was working with Dad's memoir (b. 1904 in China, d. 1992 in Illinois), I thought: WOW, my brother Doug and I should "finish" this, add photos and explanations, and print it to give to our kids and grandkids. About two weeks ago after adding the photos, I thought: DOUBLE WOW, why not make this a Kindle e-book to share with others, with relatives and friends who know our family, plus with readers of my novels who are interested in historical China and Taiwan.

And of course, a CreateSpace paperback was a fairly quick and easy followup to the Kindle version. So HERE IT IS for your interest! The Kindle has been available for nearly two weeks, and I just released the CreateSpace paperback this week on YAY! I do so love surprises, including special little ones of only 38 pages!
A Missionary Memoir by A. Fred Nelson is $5.11 in paperback, the minimum price Amazon would permit. As you can see from the cover photo, Dad served with the U.S. Marine Corps during WWII. He was an intelligence translator in China, and after the war, a "weekend" chaplain in Taiwan. But for most of his life, Dad was a wonderful missionary and often called a "white Chinese."
The Kindle version (only $.99) has a temporary red cover. Should you get this surprise little book of mine, I'm sure you'll especially enjoy the 25 rare photos and maps it contains, thanks to Dad's photo collection that includes some of his parents' photos from the late 1800s.

As you read this blog, I'll be in Colorado Springs celebrating my darling grandson Joe's 4th birthday with him. Guess what one of his presents will be? This little memoir by his great-grandfather, of course. . .   :-)
I hope some of you will comment on YOUR surprise book/s, or even on mine!

Millie Nelson Samuelson
"Yesterday's Stories for Today's Inspiration"


  1. Life is filled with surprises, whether we like them or not. I'm glad this is one of yours. Mine was that after taking months to write and put "A Journey to Christmas" together is took only two months for "Ten Days to an Empty Tomb". That really surprised me and showed again what God can do.

  2. That's great, Mary! Along with my own surprises, I'm always inspired by other people's too! Thanks for sharing -- and here's to more surprises for both of us. . . :-)