Friday, August 9, 2013

A Special Acrostic for Writers

by Millie Nelson Samuelson

If you're a writer, you already know there are all kinds of writing groups for you to join. Mary Allen wrote in her August 7 blog here about a huge group and its September conference, the ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers, with a membership of more than 2600 this year).

I've been a member of many writing groups of varying sizes for for decades. In addition to membership in large groups like ACFW, I also favor being part of a small writing group that meets regularly.


Writers in small groups inspire each other to reach achievable individual goals.
Reading your writing aloud to others helps you improve it.
Ideas come to you during small group sessions that might not come otherwise.
Talking about writing motivates everyone in the group to write more and better.
Interest from caring others often helps you overcome your writing weaknesses.
Nothing great is achieved in isolation: even Jesus had his own special small group.
God's Word says: Where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there.

Growth in your own writing sometimes comes by learning from the writing of others.
Responding to a small group pre-publication is great practice for post-publication.
Okay, PLEZ help me complete this acrostic, and/or feel free to add to the above.
Ultimately (or unfortunately :-), readers let me down with no completion suggestions!
Please see post script below.
See post script below. BTW, alternative suggestions are still welcome!

Post Script: While I've shared here many of the positives of small writing groups, I've also personally experienced some of the negatives that form Jerry Jenkins' opinion on these groups. Maybe I'll blog about the negatives in the future. But hey, you can always walk away from a group with more negatives than positives, and I've done so!

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Millie. I miss not having a Christian small writers group locally to attend for these very reasons you mention.

    1. Mary, I still miss my Chesterton writing buddies HEAPS, especially two of them that I met regularly with. But several months ago, I joined a small Christian group here in Ellettsville, and I'm slowly getting to know them. They include some awesome, if unpublished as of yet, writers. :-)

  2. What's the matter with all you word crafters?? Nobody's filled in my blanks yet. I'll give you one more day, and then I'll do it for you -- like the little red hen. . . ha! :-)

    1. SIGH! Had to complete the acrostic myself, but I kind of cheated. . . :-)