Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ten Reasons I’m Looking Forward to the ACFW Conference

I’m a first-timer to the ACFW conference this September. With less than a month to go, my mental state wildly fluctuates between excitement and anxiety, peace and panic. Life is a flurry of one-sheets, synopses, business cards, and clothing choices.

I will be pitching, but my overarching goal is simply to get to know others interested in writing and find my place in the community.

My prayer is that I won’t appear as one whose life verse should be Proverbs 30:2 (NKJV) ~ “Surely I am more stupid than any man.”

Seeking the peace that surpasses all understanding, I made a list of ten reasons I’m looking forward to my first conference. 

  1. Meeting online friends in person. I hope I’ll appear as bubbly on the outside as I’ll feel on the inside. J
  2. Driving in the car by myself without listening to Toddler Bible Songs. (I have six children. Quite frankly, one of the best parts of the drive to Merrillville for the August Indiana chapter meeting was worshiping with Steven Curtis Chapman for most of it.)
  3. Learning about writing from the greats. I hope I can burble out a few intelligent words when I meet Susan Meissner.
  4. The genre dinner on Friday. Every week I watch my children dress up as princesses, knights, dragons, horses, pioneers, and turtles. Now, it’s my turn. Well, I won’t be a dragon or horse or turtle. But if I get the time to sew my pinafore, I hope to be a nurse from the 1950s.
  5. Meals without cutting up anybody’s meat. (Did I mention I have six children?)
  6. Opportunity to get feedback.
  7. Opportunity to serve.
  8. The prayer room. An oasis of calm where I can meet with the Giver of words, the Word Himself.
  9. The choir. I attend a small church and although we put on a terrific cantata for holidays, we don’t have a choir per se. I’m sure it will be worship music at its finest.
  10. Opportunity to say thank you to people who put great time and effort in producing wonderful books and a wonderful conference.

What do you look forward to at conference?

Meghan Carver is a 2013 ACFW Genesis semi-finalist and the author of several articles and short stories. After achieving a Juris Doctorate from Indiana University and Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Millikin University and completing a brief stint in immigration law, Meghan heard God calling her to be at home. Now homeschooling her six children with her college professor husband, Meghan has returned to her first love of writing. She blogs about homeschooling and homemaking at


  1. I enjoyed your post, Meghan! But I also suggest that everyone who happens to sit beside Meghan at a dining table lean over and ask for her help in cutting their meat dishes!;)

  2. Great post, Meghan! This will be my second conference, still I can identify with your emotions. Less anxiety but more excitement this time around. It was a wonderful experience the first time in St. Louis 2 years ago. I hope to run into you there... not literally, of course!

    1. I look forward to meeting you there, Beth!

  3. This will also be my first ACFW conference. I've been to a couple of others in the three years I've been serious about writing. I'm going because 1)it's close in Indianapolis 2)I think it would be nice to be around others who write what I write, Christian fiction. My critique group is a mix of everything, but rarely do I hear anything read that's inspirational. I believe this conference will help keep me grounded in the reason why I wanted to write: for Him.

  4. Great Post, Megan. Sadly, I was all set, but new job will prevent me from attending this year. Such a bummer too. But, the Lord had other plans for me..

  5. Can't wait to meet you at conference, Meghan!

  6. Meghan, it'll be fun to talk with you at conference. What a top-ten list!