Monday, June 2, 2014

Writing in New Jersey

Today I got to meet an Internet friend I've known for more than 10 years.

I live in Indiana. She lives in New Jersey.

We've shared hundreds of emails, conversations, broken hearts and celebrations.

And now we're together at last!

We had a fantastic lunch at an authentic Italian restaurant where the owners and servers all spoke Italian. And the food was absolutely amazing. I want to take the entire restaurant and staff and bring them home with me to Indiana!

This friendship would have never occurred except for the written word. What a powerful thing writing is. All these little symbols add up to business transactions or love letters or two moms with autistic kids (like my friend and I) venting and sharing encouragement via the Internet.

My friend is having major surgery tomorrow. I'm here to help her through it and to help care for her children, three of whom have autism, two of them quite severe.

Will you do me a favor and pray for her? And as you pray, thank God for the power of the written word, and God's gift of communication through it.

So many amazing things happen all because we write. Friendships are formed, people are encouraged, some escape into a story. Words are quite amazing, aren't they?

We shouldn't be surprised when the Creator Himself used words to create this amazing universe.

But it still makes me giddy to think about how powerful this gift of words is.

Makes me excited enough to write about it.

Karla Akins is an award-winning, prolific writer of books, short stories, plays, poems, songs, and countless nonfiction articles. Her biography for middle grades, Jacques Cartier, went #1 in its category on Amazon. Her first fiction novel, The Pastor's Wife Wears Biker Boots, was released in 2013. Her short stories have been published in several magazines including Havok and Splickety. When she's not reading she's writing. When she's not writing she is zooming along on her motorcycle looking for treasure. Learn more at

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  1. Words are amazing and certainly do join like minds. Good post Karla. May your friend coming through with flying colors, may her circle of support grow, may you have strength and wisdom as you help, may the kids be calm during this time of change, may God's love flood this entire situation.