Sunday, November 16, 2014

Freedom: my second favorite thing about writing

My second most favorite thing about writing is the freedom.
Maybe freedom is the wrong word. I think what I like is the control. The freedom to be in control, maybe? There is so much in my life over which I have little to no control. It’s just plain fun to dig into the adventures of someone else, even if it is someone I made up.
When it comes to my stories I have complete control. I have control of my characters’ actions, their words and what happens to them in the end. In my stories I can always have the bad guy get his or her comeuppance, as it should be.
I can even control the kind of world they live in. If I want a world with purple cows that produce green milk that tastes like cherries, I can do that. Although I don’t think I ever would. That’s very strange, even for me.
Anyway, I think I’ve made my point – writing gives the writer the freedom to do and create whatever he or she wants. And yet… there are still rules, aren’t there? Without them we wouldn’t know what freedom is or isn’t.
Strangely I don’t find rules constraining in my writing, annoying, yes, but not defeating. I find they make me more creative. Without something to overcome, there is no opportunity to become stronger. It’s in the conflict that we find the story, whether it’s ours or a character’s that we have created.
It kind of sounds like I’m confident in myself and my ability as a writer, a creator, but I’m not really. It is only in Jesus that I am truly confident, and for that matter, free. In Christ, I am free from the fears and insecurities that would prevent me from even trying to write. Without Him I can do nothing. With Him I am free to be all He made me to be, and you can too. How cool is that?
Humbly submitted by H.T. Lord

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