Saturday, November 12, 2016

Encouraging Those Young Aspiring Novelists You Know

I’ve written about these five ideas to cheer on young writers on my personal blog, using one of my own granddaughters and a great-niece as examples. But this week I started thinking about how many young writers you might know, the ones who love to tell stories, the ones who one day might write novels like you do. And so I’m sharing them again here. 

Here are some ways you might encourage the budding writers of the junior persuasion in your sphere of influence.

1.      Read, read, read. Reading makes writers better writers. Reading gives you ideas about what to write. Don’t you think so?

2.      Ask others to read to you. Grownups and older kids can be busy, but they might also remember how much they loved it when someone read to them when they were your age. Ask them what their favorite book was.

3.      Write, write, write. Maybe you could write a story and give it as a birthday present or Christmas gift. Or write something for someone who is sick or in the hospital to cheer them up. You can write stories, but you can also write poems or Get Well cards to help someone have a better day.

4.      Keep a list of what you would like to read about and ideas for stories to write. Then when you have a chance to get some books or write some stories, you’ll already know where to start!

5.      Tell whoever encourages you to write a big fat thank you. Maybe you could even write a thank-you note for them. Hmm. I love to get thank-you notes! 

  How else would you encourage a child who loves to create story?

    Jean Kavich Bloom is a freelance editor and writer (Bloom in Words Editorial Services). Her personal blog is Bloom in Words too, where she sometimes posts articles about the writing life. She is also a contributor to The Glorious Table, a blog for women of all ages. Her published books are Bible Promises for God's Precious Princess and Bible Promises for God's Treasured Boy. She and her husband, Cal, have three children and five grandchildren.

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