Saturday, February 10, 2018

Keep Moving

by Jean Kavich Bloom

My oldest son recently sold a screenplay. This is his first sale. 
One might think he's an "overnight success," or that his sale is a fluke. But he's been pursuing a career as a screenwriter for about fifteen years. He's diligently worked on the craft, penning screenplays while also holding down a full-time job. Some of his work generated interest among a few producers and directors in the film industry, but that interest didn't take him as far along on his journey as he hoped. 
Then this new screenplay went out into the astoundingly competitive world of movie-making, and it generated a lot of interest. At last, he's made significant progress, and a future in screenwriting seems bright.

What makes me most proud? The screenplay itself? This moment of success? No. I’m most proud that my son never gave up. At times he thought about it, but he kept going, taking one step at a time: 
·        He Identified a passion for telling stories through film.
·        He immersed himself in practicing and learning about the craft of screenwriting, as well as about the film industry.
·        He made what professional contacts he could and got help and advice.
·        He put his work out there for others to see.
·        He patiently waited, hoping one day a right thing would hit at a right time, never giving up.

Don’t give up hope when you seem to be getting nowhere. If you keep learning about and practicing that thing you’re passionate about, you are getting somewhere, no matter how slowly. On the journey, you won't know what you'll encounter ahead or where you'll end up; none of us ever do. But you'll never know unless you keep moving. 

Jean Kavich Bloom is a freelance editor and writer for Christian publishers and ministries (Bloom in Words Editorial Services), with thirty years of experience in the book publishing world. Her personal blog is Bloom in Words too, where she sometimes posts articles about the writing life. She is also a regular contributor to The Glorious Table, a blog for women of all ages. Her published books are Bible Promises for God's Precious Princess and Bible Promises for God's Treasured Boy. She and her husband, Cal, have three children (plus two who married in) and five grandchildren, with foster grandchildren in their lives on a regular basis.

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