Thursday, January 14, 2010

Frankly My Dear, I Have to Write

Has it ever occurred to you that Satan just doesn’t like you? It’s a personal thing really—mostly a conflict of interest. As a Christian writer, your mission is diametrically opposed to his work. His success depends on your failure, and he’s committed to thwart your progress in any way possible.

I’m sure you’re familiar with his favorite strategy, time robbing. Long gone are those lazy days when you actually looked for something to do. Since picking up your pen for Jesus, you’re suddenly busier than you’ve ever been in your life. And then there are those time when you try to grab a few minutes of writing time and friends or family drop in for a visit. I’m not suggesting they’re partnering with Satan, but the timing certainly makes them suspect. You could pull the blinds and ignore the doorbell, but that won’t stop Satan. He’ll work inside your household and infect your immediate family with the high-maintenance syndrome.

It isn’t enough to work all day, cook dinner, and wash laundry, but now a family emergency requires your personal attention. They know you’ll attend to their crisis, because you’re the human version of the Swiss Army Knife, or in scriptural terms all things to all men. (And you always wondered what Jesus meant when he said, a man's foes shall be they of his own household Matt 10:36).

Yet, forfeiting your writing time is not an option, and you deflect Satan’s obstacles until you sit in front of the computer determined to get some words—any words on that screen. That’s when he zaps you the fear factor. What if your writing is awful? What if no one understands your voice? Egads! What if you’re perpetually rejected by every publisher in the business?

You’ve been here before, and in spite of those nasty voices in your head, you find F and J on the keypad and press buttons until your character’s voices take over and you slip into the writing zone. Satan is defeated once again. No angelic choir sings at your victory; yet, you’re at peace knowing you’ve written something for Jesus.
It’s ironic that Satan uses fear to hinder your writing, when truthfully he’s the one who’s afraid of you. The possibility of your success has him worried. Yes, he understands your potential even when you don’t, and he knows your writing will be the tipping point for someone at the crossroads.

And while he fears your writing and goes to great lengths to discourage you, you continue to believe in the possibilities of your ministry, and that alone keeps you writing one more day. Because it’s a sad day in life when you realize it wasn’t an accident, or time, or fortune, but only yourself that kept things from you.

Kenny Noble,


  1. Kenny, I think my biggest hurdle is that I get to thinking that my writing is less important than others' writing. I put myself last, working on someone else's dreams.

    I'm not sure how you overcome that or if it is even a realistic perception, but that is where I am right now.

    You are quite right, though, that obstacles lie in the path of every Christian writer and we need faith to make those walls fall.

  2. Crystal, thanks for the comment. I think that is honorable that you put the writing of others first in your life. To an extent, I think that is what we're supposed to do, because we get back what we give. That is why I always pray for my friends' writing ministry first every morning before I pray for my own.

    Jesus said, in as much as ye have done it unot the least of these, ye have done unto me...and I can't imagine anyone being in debt to God for very long--it's a principle He's established.


  3. Yes, yes, that's it! A Swiss army knife. Well said. Even so, I have noticed that still small voice whispering to me lately, take care, your adversary is walking around like a roaring lion trying to devour you. Thanks for your post and the reminder.

  4. What a wonderful post, Kenny! This is a good reminder that we need to protect ourselves with prayer and scripture so that we can discern God's perfect will for us, our time, and our writing.

  5. I've noticed that barely do I begin to work on a story or an article when a landslide of distracting ideas tumbles into my brain: "I haven't checked my email lately." "Does anybody want to buy that coat I posted on Craigslist?" "My stomach is growling already--is any of that chicken casserole from supper left?" "Isn't this the night that movie I wanted to watch comes on TV?" And if I yield to the temptation to stop and check email and have a snack, I can easily lose an hour. Yes, there will be emails to answer--even though they can really wait. Friends will have new pics on Facebook that practically beg for a comment. No, the movie I wanted to see will not be on, but something else will look interesting. (And no, nobody wanted that coat I offered on Craigslist.) Scriptures tell us to set aside the weights and the sins that so easily beset us. None of the distractions I mention are sins, but they can be very heavy anchors that keep productivity from getting off the ground if I let them.

  6. Kenny,

    Thanks for letting me know about this blog. Enjoyed your thoughts!