Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The One True Publishing Priority

I’m very excited to blog for Hoosier Ink. I love Indiana and I love writing. I love those odd and wonderful creatures called fellow writers and I love to encourage. Most of all, I love our mutual Father God. What a privilege to stir together all these delightful ingredients to form what I hope is a delectable and nourishing devotional tidbit.

In Daniel 3:18, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendego gave up their lives rather than worship something other than the One True God. Heat from the furnace radiated in waves and killed the guards who threw them in the fire. How did they find courage to endure for God?

Scripture hints that a myriad of tests preceded that fiery furnace. Our Intrepid Three had been ripped from their homeland after their families were murdered. They were neutered and forced to serve those very conquerors. They had daily choices to make about how they felt, forgave, trusted, and obeyed. We do, too.

The writing life consists of myriad decisions. As Christian authors we may be in the fires of contention over writing priorities, in competition for publication, or in confrontation with jealousy, pride, or laziness. Yet, God provides ways of escape before, during, or after each trial.

For instance, God saved Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendego after they were in the fire. They counted him faithful while walking in the flames. Do we? Or perhaps we start with an I-can-do-it attitude but by evening, sometimes by breakfast, like Charlie Brown, we moan, “I’m a loser, I failed again.” Is it that we want to be successful without effort or discomfort? Do we hope to be a giant of faith without the proving ground of battle?

No one succeeds by proxy. No one succeeds alone. God was the fourth man in that furnace and he is faithfully with us, too. He is able to save us out of the fire of our publication problems and the confusion of career choices.

Of all the decisions this day, week, month, year, make this one top priority: Be it known we will not serve gods of popularity or position, nor worship the golden image of publication and best seller lists. We will worship God alone.

I’d sure like to know what writing decisions concern you in 2010. What godly choices can help you overcome these hurdles? Have you had a writing related trial-by-fire? How did God sustain or provide for you?


  1. Oh, that proving ground of battle - never have liked it too well, but I love the victory on the other side. Wonderful post, Mary. I will worship God alone.

  2. Thank you for a great reminder, Mary.