Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Indianapolis Star and Other Holy Grail Media

I don't rant very often (promise!) but I have to admit to being a little disheartened as I read the "Arts and Culture" section of the Indianapolis Star this past Sunday. For some reason, I have always have some hidden, buried hope as I flip to the "Books" page that I will magically, wonderfully, serendipitously find one of my books being touted. (I'd even take a less than gushing review and yes, my publicist has sent many press releases to the Star which have all gone ignored). When I saw that local publishing houses were being spotlighted, I was intrigued. It's always fun when the "Books" section takes over as the theme for the week. Tony and I were sitting in the family room and when I snorted while reading about one such "publisher" he asked me to read the article aloud.

The article contained six local "publishers" with a brief write up of their mission. Aside from the prestigious Indiana University Press and the Indiana Historical Society Press most of the others were little more than someone who had self-published a book or two and then came up with a name for their very own publishing company. It seems that these days anything is legit. My husband said, "I guess I could record myself singing, burn it to a CD, make a company name and wa-lah! I now have my own record label." I laughed. Now in defense of people who want to genuinely start a business, I understand about small beginnings, even self-published beginnings might be the only feasible way to go. Many great businesses have started out in a garage. But it rankled a bit to see these publishing houses who someday want to "expand to other authors in the future" get the kind of press that the Indianapolis Star can provide.

What about you? Is there a particular TV/radio/print platform that you dream of landing (Oprah!?!)? Or if you have you been able to break into that great media outlet, what impact did it have on your career? Was it as rewarding as you thought it would be? What about prayer and trusting God in this area. The old push/pull between sitting back and trusting God to work in His timing and working toward goals plays into this issue for me.

I want to do what's right and have a pure heart, but I also really, really want to see my books in the Indianapolis Star! :-) (Anybody got a contact there?) LOL! Thanks for listening to my little rant.

Jamie Carie


  1. I'm probably one of the few people who would turn down an invitation from Oprah (although it would be nice to get one to turn down). I know that negative reviews are supposed to be better than no reviews, but until she becomes a Christian, I don't trust her.

    I was interviewed and my non-fiction book featured in the "Shelflife" section of "The Times" (Northwest Indiana) shortly after the book came out. Although "The Times" has the second-largest circulation in Indiana, I don't think it did much for my sales. Now if it had only been the "New York Times" . . .

  2. Jamie, do you write freelance news articles? If you came up with an interesting, original piece(something connected with your book), maybe that would get your foot in the door?

  3. What Rachael says is RIGHT (take her advice.) :) Connect some aspect of your books with what is happening today for an article. For example, George Rogers Clark is in your book Wind Dancer.

    Just to brainstorm, you could do a travel piece on visiting Vincennes and the George Rogers Clark National monument. (Or something like this.) Try brainstorming some aspects to find unusual connections.

    Keep trying, too. I don't trust most of the media to get the story "right" but here's the kicker--sometimes that's not the purpose for getting a national or larger audience. The purpose is to reach the reader God is aiming to get through YOU.