Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Keep On Going

I guess it was bound to happen sometime during my lifetime although I hoped it never would. For the very first time, I missed a writing deadline. As I prepared for Hoosier Ink, I discovered I was four days overdue and for the worst reason – none at all. What do you do when you didn’t do what you should’ve done? What do you do when you’ve missed it?

There are lots of things you can’t regain once the opportunity is lost, but brooding, wailing and gnashing of teeth, or beating yourself up won’t change the circumstances.

Wherein lies a valuable life lesson for control freaks, worrywarts, the immobilized by fear, those to whom stuff simply happens, as well as those who have made poor choices. It’s a lesson applicable to a successful Christian life, maintaining relationships, and is true in the writing arena. It covers all situations at every season. The only thing to do is start from where you are now and keep going. With that in mind, I apologize for posting on someone else's blog day.

What weight are you staggering under? What makes you want to quit? Did you get a poor review? How about a less than favorable critique? Did your pay-the-bills writing job downsize? Did the book deal your agent was working on fall through?

If you were to poll any successful person in the world they would have one thing in common. They did not give up. There is one reason alone that you exist and have a purpose in life and that is because God Almighty did not give up on mankind. More personally, he did not/does not/will not give up on you. Go now and do likewise.


  1. Mary, you and I are on the same page today (literally and figuratively!) Made me smile and encouraged me! :) Thanks, girlfriend.

    Loved this.

  2. I love your posts, Mary. This one made me smile.

  3. Thank you for posting, although late by your standards you were right on time for me!