Saturday, September 25, 2010

Not so serious...

Ahhh, an epiphany! Writing doesn't always have to be taken seriously, although we often tend to do so. The business warrants a healthy dose of studiousness, commitment, and concentration. Fiction can be a riot when we allow ourselves permission to just sit and write nonsense.
Since beginning to write fiction, I have been often bogged down in learning the craft. We writers love to say that, don't we? "Learnnnnninnnnngggg theeee Crafttttt" rolls wonderfully off our tongues, and sometimes we even mean it! There are other times though. Just sitting down and sometimes spilling out utter, absolutely could not happen, or maybe if...., destroy upon completion scenarios.
Why not? We don't have time? I am finding that these scenarios might contain a few sentences of value that can be extracted for later use. Even better, they loosen up the writing part of my mind. The part squished in between parenting, commitments, ministry, etc.
Let's remind ourselves to relax a bit, these seemingly random exercises offer mental rest. Freedom to escape for awhile from everyday life into a world that has no boundaries. When we come back, we carry on with perhaps a private smirk of remembrance. Let loose and see where the story goes.

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