Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meeting God at Conference

Conference was a high-powered speed boat frothing the lake of our literary world. Now, however, the buzz has worn off. The adrenaline high has tapered to (hopefully) a consistent putt-putting, like a tugboat pulling freight. The day jobs and various roles we live have settled into mundane and routine chaos. It’s now that the true take-away value of those three days in Indianapolis emerges.

The teaching was great, the speaker fantastic, but I want to weep with gratitude when I recount experiences with people. They were like gentle kisses from God. Here are a few. I’m sure they’ll help you recall your own list.

*The kindness of wait staff to provide what was needed over and above their duty.

*Two new roommates who made me feel connected and comfortable. One whose first-time exuberance increased my conference excitement, the other who extended unexpected aid, were blessings directly from our Father.

*A chance to rejoice with a friend whose career is progressing, and another for whom God answered prayers and a fleece.

*An encouraging word given by a publisher.

*Comforting someone over a heart-wrenching situation and receiving back a Word of knowledge for myself.

*A chance to be generous in what felt like a very small way and having generosity returned in a large way.

*Hearing how time after time God brought his children through dire straits, disasters, sickness, or loss.

*Recounting to others how faithful God has been to me.

All through the Bible holy days and festivals were established to remember God’s holy intervention and emphasize his continuous active presence. Conference was like that – an extraordinary celebration of an extraordinary God doing extraordinary things in the lives of ordinary people.

Yes, the point of conference was to hone our craft, make contacts, develop new friendships, and promote ourselves. It was also so much more. Please don’t forget that what we do is really about God and people. This includes fellow writers, publishers, editors, and agents, those outsiders who observe us, and the very real human readers who buy books. God is interested in people. People are his heart. In the end, recognizing and aligning with his plan is what will keep us moving toward our own personal goals and sustain us through the tough or drab times.

Take some time to remember what God did for you specifically at conference, those who impacted you, and those whose lives you touched for God. I’d love to hear about a special God-moment you had. Also, those who didn’t go jump in here too, for God met you in special ways as well.


  1. Mary, Thanks for this reminder. It does seem so far in the past that my everyday life causes me to forget His goodness.

  2. Mary, I'm glad the conference was such a blessing for you. Praise our God!

  3. Yes, indeed, it was a blessing and may I say once again that all of that was made possible by the generous scholarship from the ACFW Indiana group. Blessings on all who made it happen.

  4. You were one of the blessings, girl!