Monday, December 13, 2010

The Google Searches of a Writer

When I first got the crazy idea to write a book, I decided to Google, "How to write a novel." I was promptly introduced to Randy Ingermanson and the Snowflake Method. Little did I know that was just the beginning of my profitable relationship with Google. We all have research needs as writers, and while Google doesn't always provide the most official answers to our burning questions, it's a great place to start. Here's just a sampling of Google searches from my writing journey thus far.

- Is a caveman the same as a Neanderthal? Inquiring minds want to know.

- How deep is a casket buried? Just in case I get buried alive some day.

- Tools at a lumber yard. Never hurts to learn a new skill.

- Do Amish work in factories? This question keeps me up at night, and I want to put the Ambien away.

- What does a flooded basement smell like? I'm looking for a new scented candle.

- What's a nickname for big ears? My son needs a nickname for the neighborhood bully.

- How do the Amish heat their homes? My furnace is on the fritz.

- Marathon training schedule. Just in case I get motivated to run more than a mile.

- Drainage pipe codes. My hubby's got an outdoor project planned.

- How long is an industrial dishwasher cycle? Looking to replace my residential one.

- Commercial real estate license requirements. I need another career option in case this author thing doesn't work out.

What's your favorite research tool? Do you have any unique Google searches to share?


  1. Sarah:
    This is funny. I have been guilty of researching too many trivial things. Often I'm driving down the road when a question pops into my mind and I have to write it down to research it later.
    "Did they have notepads and pencils in the 1800s?"
    "How much did a cowboy have to pay for his hat?"
    "How much did a cowboy make in a month?"
    "Why are there holes in White Castle burgers?"
    My next search? "Where can I buy old, old garden seeds that are pre pesticide days? :)

  2. There are holes in White Castle burgers? Who knew?

  3. LOL, Kenny. I'm with Sharon. I had no idea White Castle burgers had holes in them. :)

  4. Either you two don't eat sliders, or you've never looked under the bun! :) About 1984 was my last White Castle experience.