Monday, February 14, 2011

Waiting for Hearts and Publication

My life has swirled with chaos the last three weeks. As some of you might know, my sister is in the hospital waiting for a new heart. As a result, my writing pursuits have rightfully slipped from my "urgent" list.

But I'm learning this wait for a heart isn't much different from my wait for God's will to be revealed in my writing. Both journeys remind me of a song from the ACFW Conference: While I'm Waiting by John Waller.

Every line of that song relates to my experiences of late, but two lines in particular stand out to me. I will serve You while I'm waiting. I will worship while I'm waiting.

A couple weeks ago, a pastor came to visit my sister in the hospital and started to do a devotional reading. About that same time, her nurse came in. The pastor paused so she could do her job.

She waved him on and said, "Oh no, you keep reading. I want to hear it too." She explained that she's a Christian and wasn't surprised to see my sister is a woman of faith. Apparently all the nurses notice a difference. In fact, they often fight over who gets assigned to her because they love caring for her.

That story touched me because it proves that people are watching. It isn't meant to elevate my sister, but rather to show what happens when we're living in obedience and worshipping God while we wait. People notice a difference.

So the question becomes, What am I doing while I wait for publication? Am I using every opportunity to serve the King and bring worship to Him through my actions and words? Can others see a difference in my reaction to rejection or to a lost lead?

Do they sense that something (or Someone) greater is guiding my steps?

I think these questions are important for us all to address. Because whether it's a matter of life and death like it is for my sister, or whether it's a matter of seeing our name on a book or not, people are watching.

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  1. I hope you fill your journey during your wait for publication with amazing stories, and that your sister's wait is fruitful soon :-)

  2. Very true--and a great reminder too. Still praying for your sister.

  3. Thanks, Sarah. Too often my writing degenerates to woeful me rather than being lifted up with gratitude and worship. It's not a matter of slipping, but rather of who/Who my beginning point is.

    Praying for your sister. What a delight that her spiritual heart is a testimony to her Savior!

  4. Sarah,
    Your sister's struggles certainly put all my waiting into perspective! May the Lord hold her hand and yours, too, while you both wait.