Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Personal Obstacles

Over the past month there has been information and wonderful Barnabas-like blogs of encouragement on Hoosier Ink. Rick Barry wrote, “Serious writers don’t make excuses. They read, learn, and put into practice…” Jeff Reynolds warned, “don’t mistake a sense of urgency with impatience, trying to do God’s work for Him, or getting into panic-mode…We can do our part in getting it published, but we must remember He’s in control.” Joy N. Malik declared, “I’ll keep writing the stories God puts in my heart and leave results and timing up to God.” Nikki Barcus prompted writers to be diligent, to persevere, and to remain steadfast in the faith because there is a season for everything.

For me, May was a season of bad news, including the break down of my car, the loss of my flash drive, and the destruction of my modem by a bolt of lightning. It was the season for me to stay in a computer-less-home with my mother after her surgery.

I believed by the time I returned home my internet problem would be solved. After fourteen days, four hours on the phone with five different techies each promising a different delivery date, a modem finally arrived. Then I discovered the power surge had caused additional problems. I’m still without a car or internet, but not without blessings.

This period of forced abstinence from internet and editing felt catastrophic until I was willing to submit to the circumstances God brought into my life. I discovered time for introspection about a personal obstacle I face in publication—something I can change—my resistance to change.

Is that an obstacle for you, too, or is it learning the numerous tricks of the trade?

Carving out time to study or write?

Rushing ahead rather than preparing?

Waiting for discovery and instant success?

Trying to by-pass industry standards?

Being intimidated?

Learning to network and use resources?

Resenting manuscript changes that judges, agents, or publishers suggest?

Waiting on God’s timing even though you’re doing all you can do?

Today I’m wondering where you are. What obstacle do you find most daunting on the road to publication? Are you overcoming it? How?


  1. Getting motivated is a problem, but I think it is really more a matter of finding time to work on my novel. I retired from my job so I could dedicate myself to writing, but now I have so many other commitments that by the time I get back to my novel I have to restoke the fire.

    (And no, I didn't say anything dirty or libelous the first time. I just thought about it some more and decided to expand my comments.)

  2. Great blog, and I feel honored to be mentioned in yours. Thanks.

    I sometimes struggle as well. My second novel is sitting around as I'm editing and re-editing the first novel and then sermon prep or computer problems and then editing the first novel.

    Thanks for the word of encouragement -- have a blessed day.


  3. Patience and persevering as I wait on God's timing.

  4. Well said...
    Since The Carpenter's Son closed down, it's been a struggle finding a real job in this economy again..., so I undertand struggles..

  5. Family crisis, parenting twins with autism, being a pastor's wife and full-time student. My biggest obstacle is being mentally fresh and physically awake! Time enters into that, too, and I'm constantly being stretched in the area of learning to manage my time well.

  6. Thank you everyone for your comments. Life can be tricky as we navigate everything we have to do and everything we want to do among the rocks of unexpected crisis and long term trials. May God give each of you fresh insight and direction and energy. May we all be reminded that perserverance will make attaining the goal sweeter. ps my computer is still down, my car's engine was only being held in place by the drive shaft, my husband's brakes went out completely and yes this is writing related because it's like a Greek tragedy. However, I'm still in God's hands and the blessings continue to pour upon me.