Tuesday, November 8, 2011

P-I-P (Poem-in-Progress)

I'm posting several days early this month, using an open day.

Fall's Rainbows

Summer leaves, reluctant.
Pensive, Chow and I meander in the woods.

Farewell, our friends! We’ll miss them all!
We'll not forget their early sounds of softest green,
nor their next tones of vibrant verdancy.

Now in rustling murmurs, in multiple shades of flame,
they promise we’ll survive the dark'ning days of winter,
and join their spring descendants in a new alluring summer.

Exultant, our eyes and hearts uplift.

Millie Samuelson

PS -- Next blog (Dec 9), I plan to focus on some bookselling tips.
I'd like to include suggestions from both authors and readers.
Do you have any memorable suggestions or experiences to share?

Photo above: Fall view these days from my writing deck.

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