Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fifty Plus? Read on.

You’ve arrived late to the fiction writing party. You may have just stepped inside, peeking into an already crowded room of jolly writers. Will you be welcomed? Will you belong someday?


But you’ll have to leave at least three things at the door.

Timidity. You’ll have to risk. Your stories and craft will reveal who you really are. And you’ll do it most winsomely with a humble conviction born of life experience because life includes a fair share of failure.

Old ways of seeing and doing.  You’ll want to see your world through new eyes, on the look out for new connections and new ways to communicate. You’ll also want to reorder your days, knowing how and when you focus best not only to write but also to study the craft. Writing is both art and science.

Easy quittism. You’ll have to keep writing even though the learning curve is so steep and long that you can’t see the end of it. On many days you’ll feel like giving up.  

Please don’t.

You bring your readers at least three delicious gifts.

Courage. They will take heart. They will see that you made it—however messily—through all kinds of  difficulties and they’ll conclude that they will make it, too.

Perspective. You’ve experienced a lot more life than many of your readers. Through your stories, spiced with wisdom, your readers will be able to look at life in new ways. They may even consider life change as a result of your insight.

Perseverance. Your readers will learn by your example. Valuable pursuits aren’t easily gained but the end reward far outweighs the struggle.

Still unsure? Googling writers started late will give you dozens of links to later writing.  Read on.
And please enjoy the writing party.


  1. Darn! Just as I was thinking that this novel thing may not work out and I should go back to quilting...
    Actually, thanks for this. I needed it.

  2. Marvelous post! Thanks! And I know from experience that it also works for 60+ and 70+ . . . :-)

  3. Life is filled with seasons. We don't have to do everything at once, because God has a life-long plan for each.

  4. Renata,

    Great post as usual. Good encouragement.