Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Writer's Review of Elizabeth Camden's 'The Rose of Winslow Street' by member blogger Dawn Crandall

It took me a while to get into Elizabeth Camden’s The Rose of Winslow Street, but boy am I glad I pushed through the first few chapters. I was a little put off by not knowing who to trust. Having immigrants from Romania stealing the heroine’s house on the first page was quite an interesting way to start a book. 

At first I didn’t like Michael Dobrescu... but I’ve come to realize that when an author is able to take me from not even liking a character to absolutely loving him throughout the book—those usually  end up being my favorite books! I adored getting to know Liberty Sawyer from page one and was very skeptical whether Michael could deserve her. 

And oh, don’t worry. He definitely did.
I love Elizabeth Camden’s writing style, and I loved this story. Nothing about it was normal. I thought it was interesting that we didn’t see any kissing from Libby’s POV—when those would have been her first kisses in her life at the age of twenty-eight. It was always, “He kissed her...” quickly executed, and simple.  

I loved Mirela’s thread throughout the story—we did see her POV twice. It often bothers me when an author will write strictly from hero and heroine... and then suddenly there’s someone else too. But I adored her character and was heart-broken for what she’d been through in her young life. She was a fighter, and one more reason I liked this book so much.

I give The Rose on Winslow Street 5 Stars. 
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