Friday, November 16, 2012

Fun with marketing

First off, apologies for this being late. Our dog seemed sick this week. When we took her to the vet, they discovered medical problems requiring surgery we can't afford. So we lost our good old blue heeler, Yosefina, tonight. Anyway ...

My attempts at marketing our novella collection took some unexpected twists and turns last weekend. Marketing to me seems challenging. Like a lot of people I'm afraid of sounding proud and braggadocious as the kids say, but want to do my best to get the news out about what I've written.

Since Barbour Publishing released "Quakers of New Garden" as an e-book this fall, that gave me a hook, a reason to send out an e-mail update.

To my surprise, I heard back from the Levi Coffin House Association. They invited me to their annual banquet and gave me an opportunity to talk about my story, which was set at the historic home in Fountain City (Newport).

What made the event sweeter was talking to volunteers who remembered my late grandmother during her time as a volunteer. Several other folks know my parents. I have not lived in the area for almost 30 years so talking about family and old friends was refreshing.

The manager of the historic site said they are always glad to have more exposure for the house.

I also touched base with a reporter from my hometown paper, who mentioned that she planned to include my story in a round-up of other books by local authors.

At that point I made a vivid impression by discovering I had lost my car keys, so the reporter and Coffin House volunteers teamed up to help me find them. Glad to report that instead of dropping them down a storm drain as I had feared, they had slipped through a hole in the lining of my purse.

The next day my folks saved a corner of their table for books at the Richmond YWCA Christmas Village. There I got to talk to lots of people, sold a few books and later helped my parents folks pack up their artwork.

This attempt at marketing was a lot more fun than I expected!


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. Our puppies are so special. But I'm glad you're having such fun marketing! I think that is the best part of writing--meeting people who are excited about your topic.

  2. Thanks for your article, Ann. May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you.


  3. Update on the dog ... lots of spiritual applications here. When we called the vet this morning to find out about the body they said they had not done anything yet, and the vet wanted to talk to us. They decided to operate on her at their expense as a Christmas gift to us. I started crying on the phone. This illustrated grace -- unmerited favor -- because we are not even their regular clients. And to find out that the beloved pet we mourned as dead was still alive was like a glimpse of the Resurrection. This is how the disciples must have felt. We did get to go in and see her one more time before surgery, and we are now praying that she recovers after an extensive operation.

  4. Ann, I hope your loyal doggy friend is recovering, and I'm thankful the Lord is with you and your family and that compassionate vet.

    Also excited for your excellent marketing opportunities. Go, girl!

  5. Great focus on marketing that was mostly spontaneous and by word of mouth -- my favorite kinds! Thanks for the inspiration! But I'm thankful especially for the good news about your beloved dog! You deserve that. . . :-)