Friday, March 15, 2013



Don't do it.

I speak from sad experience. I planned on writing my post tonight but yesterday I broke my thumb. That makes writing quite a task right now.

If I had started earlier this would have been a fabulous insight on the writing life. Because I procrastinated, it's kind of not.

Anyway, hope you all have great productive weekends!


  1. I'm always so amazed at how many ways I can distract myself. Why don't I procrastinate procrastinating? Feel better Ann. This is short, but powerful.

  2. Ann, Hope you feel better soon.

    Procrastinating is something I want to deal with, but I keep putting it off. I did attend a Procrastinators Anon meeting. Hardly anybody was there, but all planned on being at the next meeting.

    So if I should avoid Procrastinating, should I start anticrastinating? Wouldn't it be interesting to here a pro-crastinator debate a con-crastinator?

    I know. Improving my quality of jokes is also something I keep putting off.


  3. I LIKE short blogs (like Cec Murphy's)! Wish we had more of them (including from me)! But HEY, so sorry for the reason your blog was pointed and pithy. For us curious writers, when your thumb is better, how about telling us how you broke it. . . healing blessings! :-)

  4. Thanks, guys. This happened at work. I took a bad step while coming across the assembly line,missed some steps and fell on the floor. Tried real hard not to come down on one knee and so tried to catch myself with both hands out. I'm sure it could have been worse!

  5. Hope your thumb feels better soon! Such a small, yet important little guy in writing, at home, and at work. Hope that any time you have to spend convalescing will make room for some extra creativity.