Thursday, November 7, 2013

Review: The Hero's 2 Journeys

"Every story should have an inner problem and an outer problem, an inner journey and an outer journey." --Christopher Vogler

I'd heard of the 3-CD set The Hero's 2 Journeys long before I ordered my own copy. Now I wish I had ordered them sooner. In this audio workshop (also available on DVDs for group showings), Hollywood script consultant Michael Hague and producer Christopher Vogler talk about the heroes of stories. More specifically, they talk about what happens to heroes as they travel from their normal, familiar settings to the adventure world of the story.

In this point/counterpoint discussion, each discusses the deeper storyline that makes a story truly great. In other words, no matter how fast the action, no matter how sympathetic the main character, no matter how high the stakes, and no matter how powerful the villain, if the hero is not struggling, growing and changing on the inside, the story will suffer a certain amount of hollowness.

Naturally, two story experts from the realm of film-making often refer to movies for examples. However, the principles they discuss will prove valuable writers of any type of fiction, whether they be novelists, playwrights, or screenwriters. Each man discusses the topic from his own viewpoint, using his own insights. But both of them will cause multiple light bulbs to pop on as you listen to this discussion of both the inner journey and the outer journey in each truly enduring story.

Do you craft fiction? Then don't wait for Christmas. Do yourself a favor and learn now how to strengthen your tales via the 2 journeys of each memorable hero.

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  1. excellent suggestion! I often find that I dream of the movie before I even start writing on the page.

  2. I often "see" scenes on a mental screen as I create them. Thanks for the comment, Darren!