Friday, April 11, 2014

Editing Potpourri 1-2-3

Millie Nelson Samuelson
It happens everytime! So maddening! JUST when I think I've edited my chapter or whatever to "perfection," the next time I read it, bunches of bit-edits pop up here and there. That even happens after I've already sent it off or published it. But hey, that's why I'm keen on publishing with Amazon's CreateSpace and Kindle. They make it easy to edit and reissue. 
In case you're wondering (or even if you aren't), this past week I've been doing the above with my newest book, Jade Cross: A Stone Ten Novel. This book is the first one I've published before it's fully finished. (It's missing some of the middle chapters and the ending of the last chapter.) I have good reasons for doing so, explained inside the front cover. If you're curious, you can check that out by looking up my JC Kindle on Those of you who've read and liked my trilogy's first two books, I'm pretty sure you'll like this partial book, too. I plan to have the full book finished by the end of the year.
It happens in every book I write! So maddening! Some word becomes the one I repeat over and over. Guess what word it's been in this newest book of mine? (Hint: I've highlighted it in the first paragraph of this blog.) Yep! You guessed it! JUST! Thank goodness for that handy "word search" feature most softwares have these days. Yesterday I ran a check on a chapter, and one of my pages alone had four "justs." Sigh! "Too" is another recent pet word of mine.
Back when I was still a college communications prof, one semester some of my "dear" students actually counted a word they noticed I used a lot in my class lectures and presentations. The word? INCIDENTALLY! But hey, it's just (ha ha) the greatest transition, so I still use it, but more carefully. Incidentally, those students and I still have fun with it on Facebook.
It happens everytime! So fun! I just (ha ha) can't wait to share the cover of my newest book. I launched the Kindle of Jade Cross (Partial Book)  a few days ago. In a few more days, I'll be releasing the CreateSpace paperback. Using CreateSpace's free cover software is always a fun experience. JC's cover photos are from my Nelson family's photo collection. The ones you can see here of the Nestorian Monument in China were taken by my grandfather, Philip Nelson (Nils Newquist in my novels) in the early 1900s.
Editing, publishing or reading blessings to each of you,
Millie  :-)



  1. Incidentally, I just want to know how you have time to write all these blogs?

  2. That's because I have such a helpful, supportive husband, Don, who usually goes by the name of Dave Samuelson, incidentally. . . ha ha. . . :-)

  3. NO! I don't know why that bio line from Karla's previous post is stuck in my blog. I've tried to get rid of it. . . HELP, someone!