Friday, July 11, 2014

Super Great New Tween Book

(Book photo to the left thanks to

Once I started reading Indiana author Sharon Kirk Clifton's newly released tween book, I literally could not stop. I did take a break to put leftovers for supper out on our island for Dave and me (noble, eh?).

When I finished the book later that night, I immediately posted the five-start review below on Amazon lest I lose my momentum to do so.

"The Second Cellar" is a SUPER GREAT story about a very old, secret cellar! It's a story that grabbed my heart and brain with mystery, characters, history, and faith. It's definitely one of those "I couldn't put it down" books, fascinating for tweens (like my granddaughter), but for other readers too (like me). Hey, clever author Sharon, this story demands a sequel. Leah and Trevor, Johannah and Eli, and the others are now my friends. I'm eager to join them again in that secret second cellar for more extraordinary adventures.

BRAVO, friend Sharon! Thanks for a great story for all ages!

~ Millie Nelson Samuelson

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