Saturday, June 6, 2015

20 Things You Can Do about Writing Today

20.  Read about writing.
19.  Attend a workshop about writing.
18.  Talk/text with a friend about writing.
17.  Daydream about writing.
16.  Pray about writing.
15.  Schedule a time for writing.
14.  Reschedule a time for writing.
13.  Watch a documentary about writing.
12.  Hear an NPR interview about writing.
11.  Surf blogs about writing.
10.  Lurk in a crit group about writing.
9.  Ask a writer for an autograph and finagle a conversation about writing.
8.  Describe on Facebook your frustrations about writing.
7.  Attend an ACFW meeting to hear others talk about writing.
6.  Test a highly recommended piece of software for writing.
5.  Spend weeks mastering the writing software.
4.  Post a YouTube video of tips and tricks for the writing software.
3.  Research carpal tunnel syndrome so you can find the best chair, wrist pad, and desk lamp for writing.
2.  Post a blog on "Hoosier Ink" to inspire others to write.
1.  Write.

Joe Allison and his wife, Judy, live in Anderson IN, where Joe serves as Editorial Director of Discipleship Resources & Curriculum for Warner Press, Inc. Joe has several nonfiction books in print, including Swords and Whetstones: A Guide to Christian Bible Study Resources. He's currently writing a trilogy of Christian historical novels set in the Great Depression.

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  1. Today, I'm focusing on #11, and catching up with all my Hoosier Ink buddies (and a couple of other writing blogs as well). Someday, I'll get back to #1.

    I went to a group called Procrastinators Anonymous. The sole attender told me everyone else called in and said they couldn't attend that meeting but would be at the next one.

    1. Love it, Jeff! I'll have to find out when the next group meeting will be held. I'm sure I'll have another commitment, but at least I'll be absent with the best of intentions!