Sunday, September 1, 2013

Knowing the Writing Will Happen

By Darren Kehrer

Delays on the Road to Writing
Well, most of you probably do not know that I have had a recent life change in the form of a job change. It is because of that job change that I will not be able to run for VP of our Indiana Chapter in 2014 (nor attend the national conference for that matter). In fact, this job change will prevent me doing almost any writing until the end of the year (mostly because of the extensive focus on "mastering" the new job and all that it entails). All of this combined should be an overwhelming bummer.

But, God is good!

I've come to terms with the fact of my lack of being able to write, and I wasn't sure...going into the
job...that I would have any time to write anytime in the future (well, at least into next year). Now, after being in the job for 4 weeks, I can see that eventually (and I do mean probably sometime in the first quarter of next year) that I will have more time to write than when I was in my previous job. Granted, this all assumes that I'm full court press on mastering everything until that time. The point is, God has shown me (once again) that although he has called me to write, it won't be right now but it WILL be at some point.

So, for those of you that find yourselves in a primary job that is not being a writer, pray and hold the Faith that God will open the door for that activity to happen (it just may not be sooner than later). What I can do right now (even with the new job) is spend my "spare" time reading! Reading fiction, books on writing, that when the time comes to write again, I have more knowledge about the craft of writing filed away in my writing toolbox.

My writing life isn't down and out, just being directed into more of a research mode...for now :)


  1. Good blog, Darren. I'll be praying for you as you learn your new job. Still hope to see you around some.


  2. I'm not down and out, just in a holding pattern (using the time for research). Sadly, I won't be at the national meeting, but should be at the last chapter meeting in November

  3. I suspect all of us go through times where the things we must do crowd out the things would we like to do. Babies come along, jobs change, health changes.... Putting first things first for the sake of our families is the mature thing to do.

  4. I look at this as an extended delay, more than a stopping point..