Monday, January 4, 2016

Time to write

Happy 2016!

How exciting to write my very first blog post of 2016 on Hoosier Ink!

I must admit, I wasn't sad to see 2015 go. It was a tough year. And even though 2016 threatens to be even tougher (due to some personal family issues), I'm not afraid. I'm determined not to let the devil stop me from what God has put me on this planet to do.

One of the things I was put on this planet to do is write.  But there are lots of reasons for me to give it up. Plenty of excuses. I'm sure you have them, too: working full-time to put food on the table, chronic illness, chronic pain, exhaustion, lack of inspiration, discouragement. Frankly, if I were to put a line down the middle of a page and write "reasons to write" on one side and all the "reasons not to write" on another, there'd be a lot more listed on the "reasons not to" side.

But that's not a fair way of looking at it because the one reason to keep writing outweighs all the excuses. The Master of the Universe has called me to write. That's reason enough to keep facing the blank page day after day. If He's called me to it, then without question, I must obey.

My prayer for you in 2016 is that you, too, will answer the call no matter how you feel. Feelings, quite frankly, are unreliable and fickle. God's call never is. The enemy has stepped up his army of writers. Just walk into any secular bookstore and you'll see what I mean.

In this new year, it's time for God's Writer Army to take up arms and answer the call to battle. Like King David, we have the power and confidence to enter the fray in the Name of the Lord!

Write on, Writer Warriors! Write on!
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Karla is the author of several history books for
homeschoolers including O Canada Her Story, Sacagawea and Jacques Cartier. Her first novel, The Pastor's Wife Wears Biker Boots features a homeschool mom. Her work has also been published in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Splickety Magazine, and she currently writes for Happy Sis Magazine. You can find more information about her life and ministry at


  1. Greatly inspiring, Karla. Especially loved "Feelings are unreliable and fickle. God's call never is." I'm answering the call to active service this year. Thanks and may God make a path for you straight through the obstacles.

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    2. Thanks for reading and commenting, Mary! May you walk in His Grace and Wisdom as you answer the call!

  2. Karla, thanks for the inspiration. I love Is. 41:10! Just what I need to remember!

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