Saturday, December 10, 2016

Slay Belles Wring

by Jean Kavich Bloom

Very few adult writers would mangle spelling words in our tricky English language as badly as “slay belles wring,” but I find it interesting how many holiday word misspellings I see in memes, in posts, in articles, and, more to the point, in manuscripts. So here’s a list I’ve been constructing (and grew on my personal Facebook page) to help you ensure those cozy winter and Christmas scenes you write don’t make your editorand certainly not your readerscringe a little. Especially if at the same time they're enjoying eggnog or a roaring fire!

1.      A mantle is a cloak or responsibility, so believe me—fireplaces have mantels, not mantles.

2.      Baby Jesus slept in a manger, not a manager.  That extra A makes for a confusing nativity scene.

3.      Donner is one of the helpful reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh, but don’t expect much from a donor when it comes to that Christmas Eve trip.

4.      It’s a Fraser fir tree, not a Frazier fir tree—though Frazier from the TV show with that title would probably think naming a tree after him was fitting.

5.      Many stand in wonder at Jesus’s birth. But in wander? Not so much.

6.      Angels are important to the story of Christmas, but angles seem out of place.

7.      Goodwill is what you want to see at Christmas (not that a good will isn’t important to have).

8.      Speaking of legal terms, it’s not Santa Clause (except in that movie with Tim Allen). It’s Santa Claus. Do not make the jolly guy upset by misspelling his name.

9.      Make sure your Christmas candles have flares. If they have flair, they're just showing off.

10.   Don’t use holy for holly or holly for holy. Just don’t.

Have you seen any others out there this season?

Have a merry and blessed Christmas!

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Jean Kavich Bloom is a freelance editor and writer (Bloom in Words Editorial Services). Her personal blog is Bloom in Words too, where she sometimes posts articles about the writing life. She is also a contributor to The Glorious Table, a blog for women of all ages. Her published books are Bible Promises for God's Precious Princess and Bible Promises for God's Treasured Boy. She and her husband, Cal, have three children and five grandchildren.

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