Saturday, August 5, 2017

Secular Markets for Christian Stories

If the short story is your forte, consider submitting your work to secular magazines that look for high-quality stories with wholesome values. While denominational magazines are disappearing, secular magazines (both print and electronic) are multiplying, so this is a growing opportunity. 

You’ll find detailed information in the Writer’s Marketplace and other sources, but here’s a sampling of secular  magazines you might try:

Adventure Cyclist
Adventure Cycling Association
P.O. Box 8308
Missoula MT 59807
Fax: (406)721-8754

Published 9 times a year, this magazine targets bicyclists who like to tour scenic places. They’re looking for inspirational stories of 1,000-3,000 words that spur interest in bicycling adventures. Payment ranges from $700 to $1,200 per story.

Country Woman
Trusted Media Brands, Inc.
1610 N. 2nd St. - Suite 102
Milwaukee WI 53212
Phone: (414)423-0100
This bi-monthly magazine looks for short-short stories (700-1,000 words) with “a positive, upbeat message” featuring country women as their heroines. The editor “would buy more fiction if stories suitable for our audience were sent our way.”

Friction Zone
44489 Town Center Way
Suite D497
Palm Desert CA 92260
Phone: (951)751-0442
With a circulation of 25,000, this monthly magazine for motorcyclists wants inspirational short stories featuring motorcycles. Ideal length is 1,000-2,000 words and payment is 20¢ per word.

Woman’s World
Bauer Publishing
270 Sylvan Ave.
Englewood Cliffs NJ 07632
Phone: (201)569-6699
Fax: (201)569-3584
You’re likely to find this weekly magazine at your local supermarket check-out lane. Each issue has a romance of 800 words that is “contemporary and realistic, handled with warmth and feeling.” Pays $1,000 upon acceptance. One successful freelancer hosts a blog that trains newcomers like to write for this market:

None of these periodicals want preachy stories, but you can include natural expressions of Christian faith (prayer, references to Christ, etc.), so secular magazines may provide a wider readership for your work.

Joe Allison has been a member of the Indiana Chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers since 2010. He lives in Anderson, IN. His non-fiction books include Setting Goals That Count and Swords and Whetstones.