Saturday, November 11, 2017

Bursts of Inspiration

by Jean Kavich Bloom

Sometimes inspiration comes from the strangest places, at the strangest times, without notice. When it does, it often taps into the river-like currents that already flow through our emotional and creative—even practicalveins.  

For instance, I like a neat and organized home; I’m just wired that way, preferring everything in its place. So naturally, I'm motivated to tackle a drawer or closet that’s become unruly when I see clutter somewhere, like on a TV program.  (Naturally” is a categorization I’m sticking to, so please don't shake your head in dismay!) 

And in church this week, despite our reading from the New Living Translation Bible, it suddenly came to me that I’d like to make reading through The Message paraphrase a 2018 goal. That inspiration probably came from God, for his own reasons, which is not so strange. Still, the thought came out of the blue and I recorded it right then so I wouldn’t forget to follow through. By the way, I'm convinced church bulletins were invented so we can discreetly record sudden inspiration (and be honest, stray thoughts about lunch or a work assignment) but look like we’re documenting sermon points.

We all know stirring inspiration is inconsistently accessible and forthcoming for most writers, so bursts of inspiration for our writing are decidedly welcome. Writing is work, just as subject to procrastination and paralysis as any other task. Writing is often most enjoyed once it’s accomplished. Sometimes we have no idea how to start or where we're going. But other times we are blessed with an uplifting revelation that compels us to transfer its lessons from our minds and hearts to where others can embrace them too, via the written word. And for novelists, fresh thoughts from surprising sources can inspire a unique twist for a story line or greater character depth.

Best of all, a sudden “I want to write now!” inspiration is a joy, even if we’re not sure where it came from or what will appear on screen or paper as we begin. It just comes and we feel it. For me, such bursts of motivation can come from amazing music, from a meaningful book I’m reading, or from a right-into-the-heart message my pastor delivers. They can come from precious words spoken by my children or grandchildren. They can even come from writing deadlines or disciplines like NaNoWriMo, which for perhaps the strangest of us (naturally) causes those river currents in our veins to strengthen and flow more freely.

My question for you today is this: How have you experienced sudden and unexpected inspiration to write?

Jean Kavich Bloom is a freelance editor and writer for Christian publishers and ministries

(Bloom in Words Editorial Services), with thirty years of experience in the book publishing world. Her personal blog is Bloom in Words too, where she sometimes posts articles about the writing life. She is also a regular contributor to The Glorious Table, a blog for women of all ages. Her published books are Bible Promises for God's Precious Princess and Bible Promises for God's Treasured Boy. She and her husband, Cal, have three children (plus two who married in) and five grandchildren, with foster grandchildren in their lives on a regular basis.

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