Saturday, June 6, 2020

A Prayer before Writing

O Creator of the universe, 
who has set the stars in the heavens 
and causes the sun to rise and set, 
shed the light of your wisdom 
into the darkness of my mind. 
Fill my thoughts with the loving knowledge of you, 
that I may bring your light to others. 

Just as you can make even babies 
speak your truth, 
instruct my tongue and guide my pen 
to convey the wonderful glory of the gospel. 

Make my intellect sharp, 
   my memory clear, 
      and my words eloquent, 
so that I may faithfully interpret 
the mysteries which you have revealed. 
                --Thomas Aquinas

Source: "Prayer before Writing or Preaching"

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  1. I intend to print this and post it next to my computer! Thank you!