Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Our Once a Year Is Almost Here!

You know how difficult it is to get everybody to a family reunion? With few exceptions, the organizers are lucky to get a third of the group there when generations have been scattered across the country and even the world. At least one person will have a conflict on the reunion date. Many in the oldest generation are no longer well enough to travel. Others have teens working summer jobs or sports dominate, and no weekend will ever get them to rejoin the extended family for a day.

ACFW Indiana is like the average family. We're scattered throughout a very long state. Even when we have our one meeting a year in a central location, most of us endure long drives in order to meet with the other writers we've learned to know on Zoom meetings. Then, like family reunions, life gets in the way, be it health issues or another celebration that happens to fall on the same date.



I'm so excited that approximately half of you have committed to getting together in person and enjoying our day of activities!

Our pitch expert is ready for the challenge of analyzing what you've provided. The panel of agents and editors is eager to play the game at First Page Follies. And we all get to enjoy lunch together!

Prayers for a safe trip to Kokomo and back, and that you'll find the day to be a blessing.


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