Monday, January 25, 2010


There are many Christian writers who have succeeded to reach a wide audience with weaving Biblical scripture and ideals throughout their wholesome novels. There are also many Christian writers who have successfully written mainstream novels from a Christian perspective, yet not so prominent in voicing spiritual issues.

I think most Christian writers would agree that both avenues are good and needed to reach the world today. One of my main concerns in writing fiction, is whether I am accomplishing God’s will through my writing or glorifying my own will. I often recite the saying of C.S. Lewis: “The World does not need more Christian writers, it needs more writers who are Christians.”

Three points to consider for writing as Christians:

The Lion—Be the Lion Writer who writes boldly and fiercely, not afraid of any obstacles (or adverbs) that comes in your path, but passionately keeping your eyes on the prize. The prize as being somebody in this world who is positively influenced by your writing and becomes a better person because of it.

The Witch—Don’t be devoured by the Witch, Satan, who wants you to think your writing isn’t good enough, Christian enough, or in vogue enough for one single person to read. Have enough faith to march on as a warrior for Christ and accomplish his mission for you while you’re on this earth.

The Wardrobe—Your writing is the Wardrobe, use guidance from God as your template for creating a beautiful Wardrobe. Anyone that reads your writing will have their own opinion of how your Wardrobe fits them. As long as you write with guidance from God (easily found through constant prayer), it will fit perfect on every reader. Some may think the Wardrobe you created fits horrible, but in God’s timing, it will fit them like comfy sweatpants after a big meal.

Marjorie DeVries


  1. Never thought of it this way, but it illustrates it nicely. I'll have to keep this in mind as I write.
    Thanks and blessings,

  2. Margie,
    I loved this post. It was a beautiful illustration. I'm printing it off and taping it up in my office.

  3. I really am a lion, until that witch comes along and tells me how bad I am. Ugh. I must put on the full armor of Christ (pull it out of my wardrobe.) That was fun, Margie.