Monday, May 17, 2010

Marketing in K-Mart Terms Vol 5

Wise Words from Chip MacGregor

There is a plethora of marketing material at our disposal as writers. Far too often though our inner thought is- 'I have written the book, let my publisher market it.'

From the many valuable resources available, the words of two individuals stand out to me. Those individuals are Chip MacGregor and Randy Ingermanson. I've excerpted Chip's recent Loop entry on marketing tips, which doesn't leave ANY wiggle room for us authors.

If you don't take Randy's Advanced Fiction Writing e-zine, you're missing way too much. Find him at and find Chip's blog at

It's never too early to start thinking about your national marketing plan for your book as you can see from Chip's recommendations. Here is the excerpt:

You've worn nearly every hat in the publishing kingdom and sat on both/all sides of the publishing desk (author, agent, in-house and-dare I say it-"outhouse" editor). How has your vast and varied experience helped you form a "marketing paradigm" of your own? Can you sum up that paradigm for us?

Sure. My marketing paradigm looks like this: "YOU, as the author, are in charge of your marketing. You, Not the Publisher, Not the editor, Not the sales team. YOU."

This isn't a business where most of us can simply write a book, send it in, and expect others to take care of us (if in fact that world ever existed). It means an author is going to have to create a plan-an actual marketing plan that dovetails with whatever your publisher is doing. I keep seeing authors talk about marketing, but my experience is that only one in ten actually does much. So be that one in ten-figure out what you can do in order to get the word out about yourself and your book.

To start, become knowledgeable about marketing-how to promote yourself and your work. Read up on marketing. DO NOT settle for saying, "I'm going to say yes to interviews." Having a plan means knowing people, making contacts, staying in touch, looking for opportunities and figuring out how to maximize yourself.

So when your publisher announces that they're going to take out ads in TCW and toss copies from the balcony of the convention center at CBA, smile and express your appreciation. Then go do your marketing, because anything your publisher does is a bonus.

I see the take-a-way from this excerpt as: THEN GO DO YOUR MARKETING!

Do you have marketing tips you've found helpful? I know many of you are successful in this area. Please share.

Jude Urbanski

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  1. I've found linking a fun/educational event with a signing helps to sell books, as do speaking engagements. For example, I did a humor reading at a coffee house, then a signing at the bookstore next door.