Monday, November 1, 2010

4 Easy Writing Lessons I Learned From My Grandfather

by Suzanne Wesley

(Dedicated to my grandpa, Joe Kanizer, who died Oct. 9, 2010 at age 89.)

1. Re-energizing and finding joy on any given day can be as simple as overturning some earth to plant a seed or dropping your hook into the ocean to catch a meal. Whatever you do doesn’t have to take very long, and you can bring your notebook in your pocket in case an idea strikes you while you are relaxing.

2. Story telling isn’t just fun for the listener. Grandpa was known to invent ‘Old Indian Tales’ about various tools etc. in his shed for the entertainment of his older grandchildren. The story was always evolving.

3. You can expand your mind and your vocabulary by playing fun word games, such as crossword puzzles. There were usually stacks of crossword puzzles, dictionaries and other reference books next to his favorite chairs - particularly in the winter, when he couldn’t be outdoors in his garden.

4. Journals of everyday events can become priceless family treasures. He kept daily records of weather, visits from family etc. and anything he wanted to remember for many years. If you made it into the journal entry you were made to feel special.

May your day of writing be full of enjoyment and discovery. May you find time to re-energize and expand your mind. And most importantly, may you be present to God today - so that you make it into His journal - as His special child. Amen.


  1. Thanks for sharing, and so sorry about your loss...

  2. Thanks, Suzanne, for advice brimming with memories.

  3. Great advice, lovely memories to honor someone so precious to you, and my hugs for you in your loss.

  4. Thanks, everyone! I know most of the 4 lessons are common sense, but my Grandpa was very proud of my writing and a great encouragement to me. (I often felt that he thought I was much more clever than I really am.) It felt good to give him credit in some small way for being a good influence in my life.

  5. Suzanne, what lovely thoughts. I never knew either of my grandfathers and yours seems like a wonderful man. God comfort you in your time of rejoicing that he is in God's presence and in your sorrow that he is away from you for a time.

  6. I do rejoice that he did know and love Jesus as his savior. Writing this was a celebration of just a few of the wonderful things I will miss until I see grandpa again in heaven. His sense of humor and giving nature will be missed by many, but his legacy lives on in those of us who knew him well.