Recommended Reading for Writers

Welcome to a new resource!

After our June 2020 online meeting, we received several recommendations from our panel regarding great books to use in improving our craft. We decided to add a page on Hoosier Ink so all members could benefit.

If you have a favorite that you think is worthy of this list, please let us know on our ACFW Indiana Facebook page.

Ackerman, Angela and Becca Puglisi. The Emotion Thesaurus.
   JADD Publishing, ed. 2 (2019)
Cron, Lisa. Story Genius. Ten Speed Press, (2016)

Hauge, Michael and Christopher Vogler, The Hero's 2 Journeys.
   Writer's Audio Shop, (2003)
   outer journey of story structure and the inner journey of the hero's character

Hollingsworth, Mary. The Publishing Dictionary.
   Creative Enterprises Studio, (2018)

Laube, Steve. Christian Writers Market Guide 2020 Edition.
   Christian Writers Institute, (2019)
   publishing resource

Maass, Donald. The Emotional Craft of Fiction. Writer's Digest Books, (2016)

McClanahan, Rebecca. Word Painting: A Guide to Writing More Descriptively.
   Rebecca McClanahan, (2001)

McKee, Robert. Dialogue.
   Twelve (2016)

Saenz, Bob. That's Not the Way It Works.
   Bob Saenz, (2019)

Snyder, Blake. Save the Cat.
   Michael Wiese Productions, (2005)
Taylor, Linda K., Word by Word.
   Bold Vision Books, (2017)

Vogler, Christopher. The Writer's Journey.
   Michael Wiese Productions, (2020 -- 25th Anniversary Edition)
   cinematic storytelling

Zinsser, William. On Writing Well.
   Harper Collins, (2016 -- 3oth Anniversary Edition)
   basic resource for all writers

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