Saturday, March 19, 2011

Echoes of Praise

Photo credit: Billy Alexander

The movie August Rush tells the heart-tugging story of an abandoned boy longing to find the parents he’s never known. He hears melody and harmony in the world around him and seems unable to contain the music that lives inside of him. August believes the music is the key to helping him find a place where he belongs.

Through a string of events, he is recognized by The Julliard School as a musical prodigy. The dean of the school seeks to understand August’s talent at such a young age. In a poignant scene she questions him about his unique mastery of music:

“How do you do it? How does the music come to you?” she asks.

August answers, “I just hear it. It’s like someone calling out to me. Writing it all down is like I’m calling back to them.”


“The ones who gave me the music.”

What a beautiful picture of the life of a Christian. Each one of us is born with natural abilities and talents that whisper of the One who knit us together in the secret place. We use the inborn talents we’ve been given and we bless the world, in turn blessing Him, with the echoes of praise for what He’s created in us.

He calls out to us, speaking love and grace into our hearts, drawing us to Himself. We submit to His gentle nudging and dive into a relationship with our Creator. We surrender our hearts and lives to Him and His Spirit gives us additional gifts, gifts to strengthen the Body and woo unbelievers. We edify and strengthen His Bride, and again, He is blessed.

When I organize, or teach, or write, I’m calling back to the One who put those gifts within me. With my hands, my body, my life, I give Him praise. With those gifts, He validates my position as His child. With my careful use of them, I verify His position as my LORD.

It is a carefully orchestrated song, a beautifully choreographed dance, a holy echo of love. Our small, humble lives reverberating with the love and power we’ve received from the One who gave us life.

What, in addition to your writing, can you use to echo your praise to God today?

Nikki Studebaker Barcus


  1. This is lovely, Nikki. Exciting to contemplate. A wonderful description of a way we "image" Him. I think the best way I "echo praise" is in the quality I contribute to my relationships with people, beginning with my husband.

  2. I agree. Nothing can beat his music in our writing. (And yes, the use of the word "beat" with it's dual meaning is intentional.)