Monday, December 5, 2011

More Gifts Writer's Love

Last year I posted some gift ideas for writers, so I thought I'd pull an "Oprah's Favorite Things" again this year, and shower you with more gift ideas for the busy, preoccupied writers in your life. Because of the economy, I decided to make this year's list is a little more practical.
  1. Give them a gift card from a bookstore that will allow them to buy the books on writing craft that they've longed to buy. Writers never stop learning to write, and every book on the writing craft teaches us something new that revitalizes our writing skills.
  2. Click on the names along the side of this blog and order some of the books our fellow Hoosiers write. We love reading our colleagues books and posting reviews. This helps both the writer and the writer's friends.
  3. If your writer doesn't have an ebook reader yet, it's past time to get them one. Kindle  (my personal favorite) now comes in a variety of styles and sizes. Hint: you get what you pay for in ereaders. If you want an ereader with all the bells and whistles, which usually means also being able to surf the web, then you will pay more.But if you want one that only reads books in black and white, you will pay less. (However, Kindle does offer a large black ink e-reader that costs more than the color reader.)
  4. Every writer could use an iPad. This is a pricey gift, but definitely a great investment for the writer. I don't have one yet, but I can think of many reasons why I could use one now. Not only is it an e-reader, but it's much more portable for on-the-road writing and research. Not to mention that it will do so many other things as well as: keep track of notes, documents, schedules, pictures...the limitations really are endless depending on which applications you use.
  5. Computers, computer software, accessories -- all writers need these things.
  6. How about this cute Women Writer's Magnet Set? I'd love to have these on my filing cabinet to inspire me.
  7. This sign: "Warning: Novelist at Work: Bystanders May Be Written Into the Story"
  8. For the male writer in your life, how about this "Writer Man Cave" sign?
  9. Magazine subscription to the writer's favorite magazine.
  10. Membership to a writing organization such as ACFW.
  11. Pay a writer's way to the annual ACFW conference. Or give a monetary gift to go toward either the tuition, the hotel or transportation. 
  12.  Thin notebooks the size of 4x6 to up to 9x7. Target always has such cute ones. I like this size because they are thin enough and small enough to fit in my bag or purse but not too small. I write a lot of chapters on the run in these. I also like them better as bound and stapled rather than spiral because the wire spirals get bent or snag on my clothes. I love these little bound notebooks and am always sad when I run out of them. Some writers may prefer something sturdier such as a Moleskine. I prefer the less expensive because I rip out the pages. Another tip: if your writer is left-handed, they may prefer a flip-top notebook. 
  13. A good pen. I love my Vera Bradley pens.They have some cute perfect-sized notebooks out now, too. And they're an Indiana company, so we're supporting Hoosier jobs this way.
  14. A lap desk. If your writer likes to write with family around in the living room, a lap desk is a great gift. You'll have to determine what their chair situation is to decide which one to buy.
  15. I don't use a lap desk (yet) but I do love my Targus Chill Mat for setting my computer on my lap. It keeps the dirt out of the fan and keeps my lap and my computer cool.
  16. Is your writer bedridden? How about this laptop table that allows them to lie down and write?
  17. Need more ideas? Try here.
  18. How about volunteering to cook a meal or clean the writer's house? 
  19. Send your writer on a research trip and pay for the expense.
  20. Bake a pie, send a note, pass the word on your writer's latest book. Pray for your writer. Be a friend. That's the best gift of all.
 Merry Christmas!
For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11

Karla Akins is a pastor's wife, mother of five, and grandma to five beautiful little girls. She lives in North Manchester with her husband, twin teenage boys with autism, and three crazy dogs. Her favorite color is purple, favorite hobby is book-hoarding, and favorite food group is cupcakes.

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  1. Such great ideas. Hopefully all our loved ones are reading!